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The Traveling Tarot

Tarot the Day!

Tarot The Day!

Sometimes this blog is all about Tarot... Sometimes it's not...  Mostly it's about living the BEST LIFE POSSIBLE... And being a BAD-ASSED MOTHERFUCKER while doing it!

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Tarot the Day! for Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Tuesday, February 25th, 2014. And look! The sun’s still up! (Unless you’re one of my international readers. For you the sun has probably been down for hours. *sigh* Sorry…) An interesting card for our Tuesday jaunt, so let’s get into it.

I don’t have a lot of information about today’s artist. I just happened across his deviantART web page and LOVED his interpretation of today’s card. In fact, all the information I have on him comes from the front page of his deviantART site.  His name is Thanh and he currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He’s a professional artist there that works mainly with digital art. And that, dear friends, is all the information I have on him. He has a GORGEOUS gallery on deviantART. And he does have a couple pieces for sale.  But that’s all I know about him. If YOU know our new friend Thanh, SOUND OFF! below. Let me know about this wonderful artist and I will do my best to update any correct information I find about him. But like I said he does have prints that are for sale. So GO to his website, check out his gallery, and BUY HIS SHIT!!!

Let’s get into today’s card which I don’t think has shown up for us before in this blog. I choose the cards at random (there’s no such thing as random in Tarot) - even I don’t know what the cards for the day are until I turn them over - so whatever card comes up is the card I use. And I’m interested to see what today’s card, which happens to be The Hierophant, has to say. Let’s take a look at Thanh’s interpretation of The Hierophant:

Isn’t this FILLED with awesome sauce? It’s not what you expected from The Hierophant card, is it? Me either. And that’s exactly what I love about it. It’s not necessarily a surreal image, it falls firmly in the sci-fi category, but it’s the type of card that can get us out of perhaps our preconceived notions of what The Hierophant card should look like and puts us in the mind frame of what is. And in that moment of “is”, perhaps we can discover deeper meaning inside the card. Let’s do it. As per our usual, we’ll shred the pic to pieces, and then using nothing but glue and a paper clip we’ll put it back together. Then we’ll take a step away from it, look it over, and see how we can apply it to our lives.

Since there’s SO MUCH to look at in this picture, I think we’ll start from the background and work our way to the foreground. In the background we have a window that looks out into a city. It’s nighttime so the twinkling lights from the skyscrapers illuminate the night sky with little points of light. On the other side of the window, we have what appears to be an apartment or room of some sort. There’s no furniture in the room, save for one lone chair that sits upon a tiny landing. Seated in that chair we find our Hierophant. He looks to be a business man of some sort. He’s dressed in a suit with a tie. The tie has a star tie clip holding it in place. His right arm is raised at a 45 degree angle and his right hand is held in the classic “benediction” pose. His left hand is resting comfortably in his lap. Now let’s talk about his headpiece. In the traditional Rider-Waite, it’s a set of three crowns atop the Hierophant’s head. But in this picture, doesn’t it kinda look like a city? If that’s what Thanh was going for, I just squee’d a little bit. Because from out of that tiny city, are wires. Lots and LOTS of wires. Small wires and big wires; heavy cables, attached to batteries and even MORE cables and wires. There are so many wires of all shapes and sizes, in fact they’re cascading down both sides of our Hierophant, onto the floor of the landing he sits upon, down off that landing, and onto the floor of the room where they disappear off the edges of the picture itself. Our Hierophant seems to be glowing. His aura is transmitting a soft green neon glow. Just above his head is what looks to be a hologram of a globe of the world with a roman numeral V floating just above it. Tell me family, is it just me or did we all just get shades of “The Matrix”?  (Random side note: I thoroughly enjoyed and found deep meaning in all three Matrix movies. There, I said it.) So we have a lot going on in this picture. A lot to talk about so let’s get to it.

When the Hierophant comes up in a reading it means “sticking with the classics”. Meaning, traditional values, traditional mores, traditional methodologies, traditional religions, et al. The Hierophant isn’t one to think outside the box. He colors inside the lines. He follows the rules. The rules are dyed in wool, carved in stone, and cannot - nay, WILL not - be changed.

Because the Hierophant came up for us today, it got me to thinking about “the rules”. What rules do we have in our lives? Are those rules immovable? Are they not allowed to grow and progress and manifest in ways that may be outside the “norm”? If they are, are we okay with those rules being “hard and fast”? Are we good with some things never changing? Or are we looking for something a little deeper?

The Hierophant is the outward expression of the High Priestess.  As we’ve learned before, the High Priestess is all about the inner workings of spirituality and philosophy. Those things that aren’t readily seen on the surface. Those things we have to “dig a little deeper” to find. She is all about working on the insides. On the other hand, the Hierophant is the outward manifestation of that inner working. He creates the rules that form our religions. Not only that, but because he creates the rules people come to him for all sorts of advice on spiritual matters. He’s the High Priest. The Reverend. The Pastor. The Pope. People look to him for answers that, by and large, fall in line with whatever religion our Hierophant represents.

With that in mind, let’s go back to “The Matrix” movies. In “The Matrix” movies, the machines have taken over the world’s population. They use humans’ body heat and electricity to sustain an energy source to keep the machines alive. Humans are bred, grown, live and die in these pod-like structures that create a vast network of pod cities the machines get their energy from. Once the humans die, they’re recycled for more energy and another human baby takes their place in the pod they’ve vacated.

But that’s only part of the Matrix’s storyline. The part of the storyline we’re most concerned with today is the illusionary world the machines have created for the humans. They machines create a world where everything a human experiences are all part of a vast computer program designed to subdue them. So from the humans’ point of view, they’re living a life that is programmed for them (with that pesky glitch called “free will” the machines couldn’t completely get rid of). In reality, they’re bred, born, live and die in these tiny womb-like pods the machines have created. So the machines have created a world that’s all an illusion.

Which leads us back to the Hierophant. He is the outward manifestation of “The Rules” the machine has created. He’s the enforcer. He’s the police. He’s the guy in the black suit that refers to Neo as “Mr. Anderson“. The Hierophant is for our purposes today, Mr. Smith.

And let me state for the record, there’s nothing wrong with following the rules. There’s nothing wrong with coloring inside the lines. There’s nothing inherently wrong with following the design that’s been laid out in front of us. There’s nothing wrong with taking the blue pill if that’s what we choose to do. If our reality suits us, then fine.  It suits us. But if we’re looking for something more, perhaps we should give ourselves pause before we choose which pill to swallow.

And let me ALSO state for the record, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being Mr. Smith. Okay, Mr. Smith went off the deep end by the end of the trilogy but my point still stands. For the first two movies Mr. Smith was just an enforcer. He was there to make sure the rules were followed and if they weren’t, to remedy the problem. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

But here’s the thing…

There’s something more than what we’ve been told. There’s something outside of our five senses. There’s something deeper than our awareness. There’s something far more expansive than our perceptions of reality.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not advising us all to swallow the red pill.  In fact, rules are sometimes important in keeping everything running smoothly. And rules can be a source of comfort. In a world that is constantly changing, rules can be that immovable object, that “set in stone” series of steps that makes our lives easier.

So when the Hierophant comes up in a reading, because he’s the Mr. Smith of the Tarot, my first question I ask to the person sitting across from me is, “Are you happy with the way things are now? Are you happy with the rules you’ve set up for yourself right now? If the answer to the question you have today is easily attained by following step-by-step rules, is that something that speaks to you positively? And if you aren’t happy with the way things are now, does it give you comfort that there’s a way out of your current circumstance if you follow the rules?”

When the Hierophant appears it can mean we are either finding answers in a series of set rules, or we’re following the rules in hopes the answer will appear. That is not a bad thing. Again, eating the blue pill ( doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing anything wrong. It just means we like the comfort of rules. And we hope the answers to life’s bigger questions can be found in the rules.

The other side of the Hierophant card is we may have gone too far down the rabbit hole. We may have swallowed the red pill a little too quickly without thinking things through. Shit may have gotten a little bit too real and now we need to come back to the comfort and relative safety of a set series of rules. I seem to be saying this a lot, but there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that. In fact, in certain circumstances it may be absolutely necessary. Unlike “The Matrix” movies, there is a way to go back even if we have swallowed the red pill. The Hierophant is encouraging us that if that is our situation, we should perhaps look into making our way back up the rabbit hole as best we can.

The Hierophant is there to remind us all - regardless of which pill we swallowed - that there are rules we have to follow. Even in the Matrix, there are rules those who ate the red pill had to follow. To be sure the rules were bendable, but they certainly couldn’t be broken. If we’re trying to get away with breaking the rules (see yesterday’s blog) then we must be certain sooner or later those transgressions will be discovered and brought to light. To be sure, while the Hierophant is a rules stickler, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want us to live the best life possible. It just means he wants us to follow simple, oh let’s just call them “guidelines”, for a happier life. So while we’re out there kicking ass and taking names, let’s remember we should always do our best to live a life that’s above board instead of creeping around in the shadows trying to get away with breaking the “guidelines”.

For more information on the above offer, click HERE.

Until next time family, be blessed. (And I’ll see you at the other end of the rabbit hole!)

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

[email protected]

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Tarot the Day! for Monday, February 24th, 2014

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (38)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” (or night… or even for some of you tomorrow morning) for Monday, February 24th, 2014. *Side note: Did it seem for you that Monday just ZOOMED by? No, seriously. Like you woke up this morning, blinked, and all of a sudden it was night. And you blinked again and somehow it was time to go to bed again? Seriously. Did that happen to any of you today? Well, I hope I wasn’t the only one who looked around and said, “HOLY SHIT! IT’S 10PM AND I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS FRIGGIN’ BLOG WRITTEN YET!“ (Okay, maybe that last part only happened to me, but still!) *sigh* I am sorry you had to wait all day (and part of the night, and for some of you into tomorrow morning) to get your daily dose of “Tarot the Day!” goodness. I promise to try to do better.


How was your week-end? Did you get a chance to check out “Tarot the WEEK-END!”?  Did you like it? Was it exactly what you needed this week-end? I hope so. If so (or even if you hated it) SOUND OFF! Let me know! Send me an e-mail or comment in the comment section below. I’m think I might - MIGHT - do it again this week-end. Again, NO PROMISES. But you never know. So bookmark this page and come back often. You never know the shenanigans I’m up to… Let’s get into today’s card.


Today’s artist is Rob Ingram.  He hails from the Yukon in Canada. Or at least he’s been there for the past 30 years. The really great thing about our new friend Rob is he’s self-taught. I love that. Sometimes awesome comes straight out of the box with no assembly required. That’s not to say he hasn’t been influenced by the likes of Arthur Rackham or Edmund Dulac. But that he didn’t go to a school where a teacher says stuff like, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!“ is, in my humble opinion, the greatest thing EVER. (Side note soapbox moment: All too often creativity and imagination can be stifled by our own perception or the insistence by others that are “bigger” and “know stuff” that we’re “doing it wrong”. Don’t put yourself down kids! And PLEASE don’t believe them, kids! Keep doing your own thing! Keep coloring outside the lines! Soapbox moment over.) The other thing I absolutely LOVE about Mr. Ingram is his absolute love and devotion to fairy tales and fantasy. It’s not that I live in “Fairy Tale Fantasy Land”, but I do visit. Often. In fact, I have a time share there. It’s nice. He does the occasional solo and/or group show and is available for commissions. So GO to his website, check out his gallery and BUY HIS SHIT!!!  If you don’t he’ll lay some sweet karate moves on you. And not in the Elvis Presley way, either.  Seriously. Rob’ll cut a bitch. With his bare hands. Without even blinking. Or breaking a sweat. So like I said, BUY HIS SHIT!!!  (Random Side Note: I really shouldn’t make fun of Elvis. He could probably still kick my ass today and he’s been dead going on 40 years now. Still, have you seen his sweet karate moves? That‘s ENTERTAINMENT, friends! Random Side Note over.)


Let’s get into today’s card which happens to be the Seven of Swords. Here’s Mr. Ingram’s interpretation of that card:



As per our usual, we’ll put some sweet karate moves on this picture until it’s begging us for mercy.  Then we’ll do a finishing move on it and see how we can apply it to out lives. Let’s get into it.


This scene is pretty straight-forward. We have a thief running away with as much loot as she can possibly carry, which are seven swords. But the burden is much to heavy for her to carry. So she ends up losing three of the seven swords, her hat, and even her shoes! But she’s getting away. She’s got her purple bandit mask on, and a green overcoat with purple and green striped trim. Her stockings are striped red and white like candy canes. Her long reddish blonde hair flows freely behind her as she makes her quick get away into the night. She has a devilish grin on her face as if to say, “I GOT AWAY WITH IT! I MAY HAVE LOST THREE OF THE SWORDS, MY HAT AND SHOES (I LOVED THOSE SHOES!!!) IN THE PROCESS, BUT DAMMIT I GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!”


So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is, are we trying to get away with something? Are we trying to get one over on someone else? Are we cutting corners in the name of being “efficient”? Are we running up against a deadline we have to meet and we’re not even CLOSE to being finished? And instead of giving 110% of our energies, we’re half-assing it in the hopes of not getting caught? The swords suit, as we’ve learned before, REQUIRES us to tell the truth. But not only tell the truth, live the truth.


There are so many people out there that love nothing more than to blow smoke. We see them all the time. They’re the snake-oil salespeople. They’re the used car sales person. They’re the person on the infomercial we’ve turned on in the middle of the night because we can’t sleep trying to sell us the product that will “CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Sometimes they’re the person staring us in the face when we look in the mirror. It’s very important we not only speak truth, but try our best to live the truth. Every day. In all situations and all circumstances. If we’re not telling (and living) the absolute truth, then maybe it’s time we reassess.


The flip side of us telling (and living) the truth is the sword suit REQUIRES our circumstances and environment to tell the truth as well. It could be that someone in our lives is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Either lying by omission or straight out-and-out making shit up. Or worse, there may be people in our lives that are actually stealing from us. Either our time, our money, our resources, our energy, or our good name. If that’s the case, the Seven of Swords is advising us to take a good look around our environment. Are there people in our lives that give us pause to wonder their true motives? If so, maybe it’s time we figured out how to fix it.


Reality check: The Seven of Swords is NOT advising us to become paranoid. It’s NOT advising us EVERYONE is out to get us. It’s NOT telling us to line our homes and heads with tin foil. It’s NOT advising us to hunker down in our basement bunker keeping a loaded rifle trained on the basement door, with all the toilet paper, cigarettes and canned goods we can store. (Dammit! Forgot the can opener! Oh well, too late now!) It’s just advising us to be mindful. To be aware. To go through life without blinders on. And once we come across something that isn’t 100% honest and truthful, we should probably address that issue as best we can.


Here’s the other thing about the truth: People aren’t stupid. I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s true. We may have our “DUH!” moments, but by and large we aren’t dumb. If we think we’re getting away with something, odds are we aren’t. Somebody, somewhere knows. They’ve been keeping a watchful, tin-foil covered eye on our comings and goings. There’s a nosy neighbor in EVERY neighborhood. There’s a co-worker that knows the T about everybody and everything going down at our office. There’s the stranger on the street that just happens by when we’re trying to be on the DL about something and sees us. There’s always the last minute, eleventh hour surprise key witness that takes the stand and spills the T about us, our momma, our cousin, our sister and ALL our friends. So if we think we’re getting away with it, trust and believe we’re probably not.


But the flip side of all that is there may be times when we are pulling the wool over our own eyes. There may be times when we KNOW the truth, but much like Jack Nicholson, we feel like we can’t HANDLE the truth.  And before we bring up a million and one other people right in our neighborhood that we know are living a “blissfully unaware” life, maybe it would be in our best interest to look ourselves in the mirror and ask if we’re in denial about anything. Before we “tsk, tsk” other people’s lives, it’s probably a good idea to look around to see who’s “tsking” at us.


Because there are consequences to living a “blissfully unaware” kind of a life. There are consequences to denying what’s going on right in front of our face. They may not be clear and present, but they will eventually come to the surface. And believe you me, it won’t be at an opportune moment. It won’t be when we’re sitting on our heels and bored out of our minds. It probably won’t bubble up when we have nothing else going on in our lives. It will probably happen when a billion and one other things are happening right at that moment. And because Swords are involved, we’ll have no other choice but to face the truth and handle it.  Right then and right there.


In this picture our thief is leaving three swords behind. Not only is the number of swords she’s leaving behind of importance (we’ll get to that in a minute), but that she’s leaving behind swords to begin with should give us pause to reflect. Our modern day Bonnie (sans Clyde) is leaving a trail for herself to be easily found out. Why would she do that? More importantly, why would we do that? Is the weight of leading a treacherous life so hard to bear we’re unconsciously hoping someone, somewhere, will find us out? That we’re secretly hoping when we’re found out it will lift that burden of deceit that we’ve been carrying around so long? That secretly we’re tired of the cat and mouse game of trying to always - ALWAYS - stay one step ahead of our pursuers? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time we figured out a better way of conducting our lives.


Finally I want to talk about the number three. In the traditional Rider-Waite picture, (link) our thief is making off with five swords and leaving two behind. In this picture, our heroine is carrying four and leaving behind three. As I stated in the inaugural “Tarot the WEEK-END!” (link) threes have popped up in religious philosophies since time immemorial. However, threes in mundane matters have always signified amongst other things, creativity. Are we sacrificing that creative spark to get away with life? Are we stuffing our creative life down so far because of the pressures of a world that doesn’t necessarily encourage creativity in adults? Are we leaving that part of ourselves behind? The Universe gives us all gifts. They’re meant to be shared. They’re meant to make our existence in this mortal plane a little more bearable. If we’re leaving that part of ourselves behind, we’re not only stifling ourselves, but stifling part of why we’ve been put here in the first place. Yes, we’re in this together. Why not make life more pleasant by sharing our gifts with the world? If we are leaving our talents behind, our creativity in the dust as we make a break for it, I would encourage us all to double back and pick them back up. And while we’re there, maybe we should turn ourselves into the honesty police along with the crew of not-so-honest bandits around us.



For more information on the above offer, click HERE.


Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

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Posted on February 22, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (579)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the WEEK-END!” Like I said in Wednesday’s post today’s blog is to make up for missing Tuesday’s post. But it’s more than that. I’m doing a little experiment. I’m trying this out - at least for this week-end - to see what the response will be like. I know I have my loyal dedicated readers (thank you) who come to my blog every week-day (THANK YOU!) to read what I have to say. But I’m trying to broaden my audience. To expand my reach. There are people out there that don’t have the time to get online during the week (GASP! HOW DO THEY LIVE?!?!?!) and need a week-end pick me up they can acquire while still in their pajamas. Then there are those who do come to my blog every day (again, THANK YOU!!!!) who wouldn’t mind having one more day of juicy Tarot goodness. So this is an experiment. I’m not promising anything. I’ll see if it goes over well. If my audience likes it, I’ll do it. If they’re “meh” about it, I might still do it. If you guys hate it, I’ll probably let it fade away. So SOUND OFF! in the comments section below. Or send me an email, friend me on facebook, or follow me on twitter and let me know how you feel about it. I look forward to being of service to you as much as I possibly can. Let’s get into it.


The way I envision “Tarot the WEEK-END!” playing out is one card that will speak for both Saturday and Sunday. So I shuffle the deck, pick a card at random, (there is no such thing as random in Tarot, btw) and much like “Tarot the Day!”, we’ll decipher and determine what it may mean for you not only for today but for the rest of the week-end. So with that, let’s talk about the artist who’s providing our visual stimulation this week-end.


The artist I’ve chosen for our inaugural “Tarot the WEEK-END!” is Lydia Burris. She hails from the great state of Indiana where she lives to this day. She graduated from Indiana University where she got her undergraduate degree in Fine Art. From there she moved “across the pond” to Norwich, Norfolk in England where she got her MFA at Norwich University College of the Arts. Or NUCA, for short. She’s been an adjunct professor at Indiana Tech and she teaches public and private classes in art history, art appreciation, studio art, and traditional and alternative techniques. So she’s a teacher. (A woman after my own heart.) She also does public and private commissions, so you know what’s coming right? GO to her website, check out her gallery and BUY HER SHIT!!!


The card I’ve chosen for this week-end is The Magician. Much like “Tarot the Day!“ we’re gonna slice and dice this motherfucker up until there’s nothing left but pulp. We’ll take a sip, see how it tastes, put it back in the blender and set it on “REVERSE” and see how we can apply the final outcome to our lives this week-end. So let’s get into it. Here’s Lydia’s interpretation of The Magician:



I gotta tell ya family, I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PICTURE!!! It‘s giving me EVERYTHING! Spirituality? Check. Sci-fi? Check. Fantasy? Check. Comic book? Check. Nerd boner? *looks inside pj’s* CHECK!!! This picture is giving me LIFE! Let’s dissect it, shall we?


There is SO MUCH going on in this picture! The first thing that jumps out at me is our Magician, so let’s start with him. He’s a young man. But he’s got white hair. And it’s standing on end. This is giving me shades of Willow from the last episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.  Remember that kick ass episode where Willow casts a spell to connect to all the potential slayers that ever will be and her hair turns white? Well I won’t spoil the ending of the series but trust and believe there was a LOT of vampire and demon slaying in that episode. He’s got the infinity symbol etched to his forehead. There are no pupils in his eyes and his eyes are pure white. (Which is serving me shades of Storm from the “X-MEN” who, in her village, as a child she was considered a goddess.) He’s wearing a blue robe with rainbow colored triangles inside a white trim. (We’ll get to the significance of the colors a little further down in this blog posting.) His arms are crossed - all four of them (again, we’ll get to that in a minute) - and in each hand he’s holding one of the four symbols of the Tarot. A sword, a wand, a pentacle and a cup. The sword has a wisp of air swirling around it signifying that element. The tip of the wand is on fire, another elemental signifier. Water, which is the element of the cups suit is pouring out of the chalice our magician is holding. And the element of Earth is imagined as a pentacle blossoming out of a plant embedded in the mound of soil our Magician is grasping with his fourth hand.("WTH?" - you  "Don‘t worry, we‘ll figure it out in a minute." - me) Around his neck hangs a necklace with a triangle stone in the middle. (Triangles are ALSO a recurrent theme we’ll explore a little later on.) His robe is billowing out. And inside his robe is a snake eating its own tail. (SO much friggin’ spiritual imagery in this one picture! I CAN’T STAND IT! I’M LIVING!!!) Atop the snake we have one lone star and to the bottom right we have a crescent moon. An explosion of colored light detonates behind our hero, radiating bright, vivid oranges, yellows, reds, greens, violets and blues.


There are two more images our new friend zyphrus (her deviantART screen name) has given us in this picture. The first being the words surrounding him. According to her deviantART page the words - save one - have no special meaning. (I will politely disagree with her for reasons that will become clear later in this posting.) But the one word our artist has highlighted is “IMAGINATION”. That to me is VERY significant.


The other image Lydia's created in this picture that's of special significance is the moth in the lower left hand corner of the picture. I like her reasonings behind why she put a moth in the picture, so I’ll let her tell you. Zyphrus, take it away:


“The Moth is my own symbol - when I was a child, I'd watch moths for HOURS at night while they rested on our outside wall by the porch light. I started viewing them as magicians in disguise, shape-shifted as moths... their cloaks having become wings, and their arms spread as a ritualistic embrace of all that was night, including the artificial lights.”


Pretty cool, huh?


So what could all this mean for us this week-end? Well let’s take a look at it a little deeper and see what we find out.


Historically The Magician card has been used to signify someone of great power. Of great authority. A person who has control over all the elements, i.e., the physical world. But not only the physical world but also is fully aligned with the Universe. Because he is in control of the physical plane but also is in full alignment with the Universe, he is a person who literally can make something out of nothing. In short, a magician.


Is there something in our lives we want to gain mastery over? Is there an aspect of our lives over which we want absolute control? Is there something new we’d like to learn like a new skill, trade, hobby or pasttime? The Magician is advising us now might be a good time to explore that itch a little deeper.


Imagination. (Told ya we’d get back to that word.) It takes a helluva lot of imagination to create something out of nothing. And yet at the same time, the world is FULL of dreamers. All it takes is either sleep or boredom to dream during the day or night. We all have been equipped with brains. Our brains aren’t there simply to keep everything in working order. They’re there to create. But we can create in our heads all day long and not manifest anything. We have to put the hard work in to manifest that creativity in a tangible, real world kind of way. One of the worlds greatest creative minds, Thomas Edison, who manifested through invention SO many things that make life in this world a little bit easier put it well when he said: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”


That perspiration, of course, comes in the form of trial and error. Unless we are EXTREMELY lucky, nothing ever comes fully assembled. (Note I said “lucky”, not “blessed”. We’re blessed regardless. We’re blessed when we take that inspiration and start putting in sweat equity.) We have to put in the work of assembling what we want. And not get frustrated when it doesn’t all come together on the first try. And more than that, we must have DEDICATION to the END RESULT after those trials have not manifested exactly what we want. Again, going back to that famous Edison quote, the first part of the quote is very often left out. Here it is: “I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come indirectly through accident, except the phonograph. No, when I have, fully decided that a result is worth getting, I go about it, and make trial after trial, until it comes.” Are we tired of all the trial and error it’s taken to get our dreams off the ground? Have we tried and tried and tried again, only to get the red “FAIL” stamped to our foreheads each time? If that’s the case, are we about ready to give up? The Magician is STRONGLY advising us not to. We might just be on the precipice of greatness. As Thomas Edison - a modern day Magician in human form, if I do say so myself - said: “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


The other part of that perspiration is working with the full knowledge and faith that what we’re doing is exactly what the Universe wants us to do. Quite often we may find ourselves hitting brick wall after brick wall, not because we’re necessarily doing anything wrong but because it’s not quite in alignment with what the Universe wants of us. It’s aaalmost there. But we may have to perform a few minor tweaks to get it just right. This is where a daily spiritual life comes into play. Have we checked in with our Higher Power lately? Have we spent quality time lately in prayer, meditation or however we choose to connect to the Divine? One of the side effects of a daily spiritual practice is sometimes inspiration can come to you in that moment. When we’re in “spirit”, sometimes the Divine will speak to us. Directly. It will tell us where we need to go and what we need to do and the best way to get over whatever obstacle is in our way. And it may be in ways we don’t even see coming. Very rarely does the sky open up, the clouds roll back and a beam of light shoots down from the Heavens with a message from the Big Guy (or Gal). Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that catches our eye and gives us pause to look - really look. And suddenly inspiration hits. Remember the blue in our magician’s robe? Blue is the color long associated with the throat chakra. The communication chakra. Both sent and received communications. It’s very important we have spend time with spirit on a daily basis. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, that’s all it takes.


And once our quality time with spirit is over where we’re focused on spirit exclusively, it would probably be in our best interest to be open to what spirit has to say to us all day long. I’m not saying we have to sit in lotus position until blood stops even trying to reach our lower extremities and quits that bitch. But what I am saying is there’s a feeling that goes along with being “mindfully aware” all day long. There is a difference you can immediately decipher.


All too often we humans have the tendency to become numb creatures. And with good reason. Sensory overload from media, print, television, music, radio, internet, advertisements, traffic jams, can create a sort of profound numbness in all of us. Sort of like all the nonsensical words that surround our Magician in the picture above. And if it’s not coming from the constant pounding of our senses from all of the above it could be the steady pull from all directions from our work, family, friends, social and civic duties, et al, that can create a deafness - a numbness - to the pull of the Universe. If that’s the case, the Magician is urging us to reassess. The Universe is trying desperately to communicate to us (see the highlighted “IMAGINATION” from the picture above) - and through us - in an extraordinary manner. But we have to find a way to rise above - while still being a part of - the clatter of the world around us. If we look at the picture above we can see the Magician isn’t above the words. In fact, he’s very much in the middle of it all. The words are swirling all around him. But that doesn’t matter to him. The only thing that DOES matter to him is the one word in the middle: “IMAGINATION”. Mindfulness is very often the key to imagination, and imagination gives birth to inspiration. And that’s when the work begins.


“So what about those four arms, anyway?” Well I’m glad you asked. In the Hindu tradition (and many other religion traditions) Gods and Goddesses have manifested themselves as many armed creatures. Have you ever been in the moment of creation and you’re moving so fast it seems you’ve sprouted ten arms? Have you ever been in the flow of working and getting things done that at the end of the day you can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished? In today’s corporate world they call that “multi-tasking”. I like to call it connection to the Divine.


Rarely does it happen with me. I tend to be a one-track minded kind of a guy. Except for when I’m in the kitchen cooking. Cooking for me is not only a way to connect to my ancestors, but a way for me to connect to the Divine. To make something out of nothing. To create a feast all will enjoy. Now to be completely fair and honest I’ve been known to decimate an entire kitchen making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. LOL But more times than not, ESPECIALLY if I’m cooking for a large group of family and friends, I’m “multi-tasking” all over the place. I’ve sprouted fifteen hands and arms and they’re each doing something different to accomplish the end goal. At the end of the day I’m able to multi-task in the kitchen because I truly love to do it.


And that, dear family, is another one of our keys for today. Are we doing what we love? Are we doing what makes us happy? Are we doing something that at the end of the day gives us much pride and joy? That could be a signal that it’s exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. That connection to the Divine. That infinity symbol attached to our Third eye and the snake eating it’s own tail which represents the manifestation of the Divine in the material world. If we are firing on all cylinders and time seems to bend, compress and stretch until we have no concept of time at all, if all we know in the moment of creation is pure, unadulterated joy, it’s a pretty good indication it’s exactly what the Universe wants us to do.


Finally I’d like to address the triangles that are so pronounced in our Magician’s picture. Triangles, and their association with threes have shown up in spiritual philosophies since time immemorial. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Maiden, Mother, Crone. Physical, Mental, Spiritual. Thought, Feeling, Emotion. Waxing, Full and Waning Moons. The list goes on and on. If a triangle is situated with the pointed side up it’s connected to masculine energies. If the pointed tip is down it’s focused on feminine energies. I love that in our picture of the Magician, the triangle in his necklace is pointed down. And the triangles around the white trim make a circle around him. So our Magician is imbuing and taking on all the energies of the triangle within himself. And he’s manifesting that energy in what he creates. It’s balanced. It’s centered. It’s grounded. It’s complete. Let’s do our best this week-end to manifest the triangle energy in the way it’s most needed and necessary in our lives. Let’s become modern day Magicians. Have a wonderful week-end, everybody.


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Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

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Tarot the Day! For Friday, February 21st, 2014

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Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Friday, February 21st, 2014. And whaddya know! The sun’s still up, there’s PLENTY of daylight left in the day and this bitch is POSTED! Again, I am SO SORRY about getting yesterday’s blog up after many of you had given me the side eye with the “mm-hmm” and called it a night. Trust and believe I felt ALL the shade you were serving me yesterday. So today I am making up for it! Let’s get into it.


Today’s artist is Theresa Pridemore.  She lives in Portland, Oregon. Apparently there’s a saying in Portland that goes, “Keep Portland Weird”. Well according to her bio page Miss Theresa has been bringing the weirdness ever since she, in her words, “stepped into town in 2002, traveling from the distant lands of Hattiesburg, Mississippi to make my mark on the West Coast.” She says she never fit in where she grew up (trust and believe, I KNOW the feeling) and she needed to be around like-minded people. (Again, I KNOW the feeling ALL TOO WELL.) I tell ya family, her bio page is truly a sight to behold. She was singing my song from the very first sentence to the very last period. From her feeling the world was bigger than our five sense could capture, to having a tumultuous life journey as an artist, to weird events that led her to explore a deeper relationship to the divine. (Hmmm… Maybe I should move to Portland. Nah. WAY too cold for my thin blood!) The card we’ll be using today comes from her “Portland Tarot” collection, which is a work in progress. (You can sign up for updates on the progress of her Tarot deck on her website.) In fact, the Major Arcana is available RIGHT NOW for purchase. I encourage you to take a moment and look at her website, read her bio page, check out her Major Arcana for sale and BUY HER SHIT!!!


Today’s card is the Strength card in the Reversed position. Because as you know cards are easier to read initially when they’re right side up, we’ll first take a look at our new friend Theresa’s Strength card in the Upright position. Then we’ll take a cheese grater to it, grate it into smithereens, taste a little bit of it, smoosh it back together, flip it on its head and see what it could mean for us today. Here’s the Strength card in the Upright


Isn’t this a great picture? We have a bright sunshiny day, with nary a cloud in the sky. The sun, although out of frame, seems to be shining from the right hand side of the picture. We have in the far distance to the right what I believe is the Portland Fremont Bridge.  White, snowcapped mountains frame the far distant left of the picture. Below the bridge, if you look hard enough you’ll see a sliver of the Willamette River. As we move closer to the foreground we have a forest scene followed by a lush green meadow. Standing alone in the middle of the meadow is a tree. I wish I knew what kind of tree it is, but it is by itself in the middle. (That it's by itself is significant. We’ll get to why in a minute.) And finally in the foreground we have a lion, standing tall, proud and true. Right in front of the lion, cross-legged and barefoot on the ground, sits our heroine. She’s wearing a white peasant blouse and blue jeans. She has a dangling necklace with a very large ruby at the end. Her hands and feet are IMPECCABLY polished. She wears a few pieces of jewelry on her left hand and wrist. And with her right hand she’s lazily petting a Chihuahua. Finally, she has the infinity symbol above her head. Flowers frame the scene as we take in this idyllic picture of serenity, focus and peace.


So now that we know what this picture looks like in the Upright position, let’s flip it around and see what it looks like Reversed:



Interesting how it takes on a completely different look when it’s upside down, no? So after all that, what can this card in the Reversed position mean for us today? Well let’s take a look.


In the traditional Rider-Waite deck the woman is actually closing the lion’s mouth with her bare hands. And he seems to be perfectly fine with her doing so. In the classical interpretation of this card that’s meant our Strength comes from a place of love rather than a place or fear. (Or if it doesn’t, it certainly should.) Have you ever tried to force an issue that just wasn’t working? Have you ever tried your best to fit a square peg into a round hole? Have you ever metaphorically (or hell, even physically) insisted a bottle of ketchup come open only for it to openly mock you by it’s refusal to move? When the Strength card is in the Upright position, it’s urging us to approach difficult circumstances with love rather than with force. So that (along with a few other things we’ll discuss at length below) is what the Strength card historically has been all about.


But I gotta tell ya family, I like this interpretation SO much better. In this interpretation, our heroine is sitting in a zen-like pose. Look at her face, eyes, and chin. They’re not even pointed in the direction of the Chihuahua. Nor is her attention focused on the lion behind her. It’s almost as if both animals are afterthoughts. And it seems the only reason she’s petting the dog is because he’s closer to her hand than is the lion.


It’s like she’s taking for granted the Universe has her back. She’s trusting the Universe that the lion won’t have the Chihuahua as an appetizer and her as the main course. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even recognize, save for her hand carelessly caressing the Chihuahua’s nose, the animals are even there. It’s as if she’s a million miles away. She’s focused on her inner self. She’s meditating. She’s humming. She’s saying “OHM” over and over again. With her mind’s eye she’s seeing something that needs her full attention. So she’s giving that “third-eye” vision her undivided attention. Will she snap out of it and realize the danger behind her?


I don’t think so.  In fact, I don't really think there's any danger for her to be aware of.  Take a look at the lion. Even HE’S not focused on her. He’s looking over her head to the far off distance. Some of you cynical types out there may be saying, “Well, he’s just calling out “DINNER!!!” to all his lion friends. Which is kinda funny, actually. But in all seriousness, I choose to believe that he’s actually there to protect her. Whether or not she realizes she has such a mighty bodyguard in the lion is besides the point. He’s there to watch over her (and that tasty little morsel she’s petting) and that’s all that matters.


What an interesting and BEAUTIFUL interpretation of this card, ladies and gentlemen! It totally combines the elements of Strength but it takes it to another whole level. This woman is centered. She’s grounded. She’s Zen. She’s one with the earth and all its inhabitants. Her mind and heart are open to receive the blessings the Universe has in store for her. She is in fact, Strength personified.


“But wait a minute!” I can hear you say. Today’s card is reversed. What does that mean?


Well it can mean a few things. The first thing that comes to mind is sometimes we don’t know our own strength. Somewhere along the way, maybe we’ve felt victimized. Or maybe it’s been more than a feeling. Maybe we have been victimized. And long after the actual victimization has passed, its effects continue to bear down on our psyche. We may feel we’re not strong enough. Or flexible enough. Or worst of all we may feel as if our present situation within the cards is the hand the Universe has dealt to us, and we can’t expect anything better from our lives. If this is true, the Strength card encourages us to make like Bullwinke and take one last look inside that magic hat. We may not find that all elusive rabbit, but what we may find instead is ourselves.


The other thing the Strength card is cautioning us against is that “not knowing our own Strength” has its consequences. And none of them are good. Here’s the thing family. The Universe never, and I do mean NEVER, gives us more than what we can handle. I know that can seem extremely pandering and in the worst case can simply seem untrue. But I’m here to tell you it is true. Long, hard fought battles are not only the battles we remember but also the battles that make us grow as spirits. If we throw our hands up in despair at our present circumstance, we remain where we are. And if we stay there long enough we end up going backwards which only impedes our evolution and growth, and thereby impedes the rest of the Universe as well.


I can hear some of you say, “Well I can’t concern myself with the welfare of the next guy. It’s all I can do just to get out of bed in the morning. Taking care of my own needs is overwhelming enough. Now you say it’s not just about me, but I have to worry about the rest of the Universe? You know what? The Universe has been here longer than I have and will be here after I’m a distant memory. The Universe can do without me.”


Nothing could be further from the truth.


Our present circumstances are specifically tailored to us for our growth. No one else can accomplish what we were sent here to Earth to do. It’s like Cinderella’s glass slipper. It’s specifically tailored to us. No one else - even if they tried - could EVER fit our shoes. That’s why the old adage “try walking a mile in my shoes” is, at first blush, somewhat of a misnomer. No one ever could walk a mile in our shoes. And even if they did they‘d be confused the entire way. The entire process would seem foreign and alien to them. No, we must walk in our own shoes, in our own circumstance, and do our very best to become better people for it. Even if it’s hard. Even if it seems all but impossible, we must try. Much like the tree in the middle of the meadow (I told you we’d get to it eventually) our walk is a walk that is designed specifically for who we are, where we are, and what our specific task is for this time around. If we refuse - free will is after all, a gift the Universe refuses to take away - then we gum up the entire process.


In pure mundane circumstances, the Reversed Strength card can mean our attention to our physical health may be waning. When’s the last time we were mindful of the food we ate? When’s the last time we planned our meals instead of making a last-minute dash to the drive through? When’s the last time we made time to exercise instead of coming home and crashing in front of the television? When’s the last time we’ve been to the doctor for a check-up? How about the dentist? When’s the last time we’ve had blood work done to see what’s going on inside our bodies? When’s the last time we actually listened to what our bodies were trying to tell us? If the Strength card is coming up in the Reversed position for us, it could be a warning. A wake up call that we aren’t treating our bodies in the way we should be treating them.


Then there’s the other side of that coin. There are some of us that have spent so much time in the doctor’s office we’re thinking about taking up residence there. We’ve been poked, prodded, needled, scanned, x-rayed, and wrung out. There may be some of us who dread going to the doctor because that’s all we seem to do. And they still can’t figure out what’s wrong with us. So they do more tests. They take more blood. They do more MRI’s and CAT scans. They x-ray us so much our skin has begun to take on a greenish neon glow. And yet we’re no closer to figuring out what’s truly wrong with us than when we first began.


If that’s our present circumstance, again we should look to the Strength card. Because it’s in the Reversed position it may be advising us we aren’t being our own best advocate. We’re simply going along with the flow and hoping against all hope the doctors will figure out what the hell is wrong with us. At first glance there’s nothing wrong with that necessarily. But upon closer inspection, I’d ask if we are being our own best advocate in those circumstances? Are we doing research? Are we keeping a journal of all our questions? Are we keeping a notepad full of things that ail us? From minor aches and pains to the paralyzing sicknesses we may experience, are we writing those things down? Are our doctors answering our questions to the best of their abilities? If so, are we satisfied with their answers? Are we taking the progression of our health in our own hands or are we leaving it up to the doctors to do guess work? Sometimes being a detective and taking control of our own health circumstances is just the thing we need to do to give doctors a clue as to what truly is wrong with us. And although I’m not going to spend any more time than this one sentence to say it, there is something to be said for Eastern medicine, alternative medicine and complimentary medicine.


The last thing I want to address is the infinity symbol atop our heroine’s head. The Reversed Strength card could be pointing to the fact, much like the tree all by itself in the meadow, we feel we’re all alone. Yes it is true the circumstances we’re going through right now have been tailored just for us. But I am of the opinion the Universe doesn’t just throw us in the deep end and scream, “SINK OR SWIM! YOUR CHOICE!” No, I believe the Universe is right there beside us the whole time. Encouraging us. Prodding us. Urging us to at least tread water. And when we’re too weak to even keep our heads above water, I firmly believe the Universe holds our chin just above the wake so we’re able to breathe. Granted, in our present circumstance having faith in that may be the hardest thing we have to do. But if I could encourage us in one area today it would be that the Universe loves us. It wants us to succeed. It wants us to learn the lessons we’ve been tasked to learn. Not just to aid in the evolution of the entire species, but for our own growth as well.


Sometimes when Tarot cards are Reversed and everything is pointing down it can mean help is out there in material form. Meaning, even though our help stems from above, the manifestation of that help is in the people around us. There are angels all around us. Most are humans, so they may not even know they’re angels. But they appear at just the right time in our lives, when we need them most. But we have to open ourselves up to that help. And once it comes, we must be brave enough to accept it in the loving kindness it was offered. So instead of looking above for the help we need, perhaps we should be looking within ourselves for the Strength that is inside us and looking outside ourselves for the help that’s all around us. We are not alone, family. We must believe that not only do we have the Strength inside us to finish the lessons we’ve been put here to learn, but to pass our lessons with flying colors with the help of the angels all around us.


For more information on how you can take part in the above special offer, click here.


Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

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Tarot the Day! For Thursday, February 20th, 2014

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Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Thursday, February 20th, 2014. I apologize for the lateness of this posting. For some of my international readers, it's already tomorrow.  And for most of us in the US the sun has already set.  Hopefully there are lessons about today that you can see that happened in your day (or if you're one of my international readers, yesterday) that you can apply to your life!  So without further ado let's get this "Tarot the Day!" in!


Today’s artist goes by the name of Worthikids. He’s all of 17 years old. (He’s been a member of deviantART for two years so as of this writing he MAY be 19. Unless he joined deviantART at 15. Then he is in fact, 17 years old.) I love that he’s still a teenager. Not just because his art is AWESOME! (it is) But because it means that Tarot is reaching a younger and younger demographic. As I’ve said before, one of my goals in writing this daily blog and featuring new artists in it is so the art of Tarot can be experienced by a new generation of people. So that it doesn’t become a lost art form. So that it evolves and becomes something that’s palatable for people that may not immediately connect to the “gold standard” Rider-Waite deck. So that he took out time to create a card - which again is FANTASTIC - and that he’s only 17 (or 19, take your pick) makes my heart exceedingly glad. He lives in the United States. There isn’t a helluva lot of information on him (which is good, he’s just a teenager). And he doesn’t have a lot of stuff for sale on his deviantART page.  But he does have SOME stuff. So I encourage you to GO to his website, check out his gallery and BUY HIS SHIT!!! 


Let’s get into today’s card which happens to be the Ace of Swords in the Reversed position. As per our usual, we’ll start out with it in the Upright position, hack it to pieces, see how it works, put it back together, flip it on its head and see if it makes any sense to us today. Here’s out new friend Worthi and his interpretation of the Ace of Swords:



Okay, before we go any further with this picture it’s only fair I point out that this is in fact fan art. It’s a portrait of Spoony. Which is actually a thing.  A really BIG thing. (Side rant: Do you ever get tired of trying to stay up on shit? I mean maybe it’s because I’m old (relatively) but it seems every time I look around there’s the next “big thing” that’s happened six months ago that I had no idea was even a little thing. And yet, all the kids are doing it and because I’m NOT doing it and had NO IDEA it was going on in the first place and “It’s six months ago, get with the program, Grandpa!” keeps going through my head on an endless loop until the moment comes when I finally, FINALLY think I’m with the program only to find out the program is switched and now I’m a year behind and I’m like, “When did I turn into Methuselah? When did I become 999 years old? Should I fight for space in the tapioca aisle at my friendly neighborhood senior center? Should I invest in a wheelchair, walker and bedpan? Should I just give up on life because clearly, CLEARLY it’s passing me by anyway?” *sigh* “MOVE OVER GRANDMA!!! That’s MY tapioca!!!") So anyway, Spoony is a thing. A really BIG thing that has been going on for a LOT longer than six months and I feel REALLY old because I spend MOST my days online and I had NO IDEA there was even SUCH A THING as a Spoony. But from what I can gather and from what I have watched, he’s REALLY funny. If YOU’RE feeling old today and had NO IDEA there was a such thing as a Spoony, well, GET WITH THE PROGRAM Grandpa! Check him out here.


So here we have our hero Spoony (“Who?” - you “SPOONY, Grandma! Click the friggin’ link - me) and he’s wearing a green t-shirt that says, “I HEARD THAT CURTIS!” which, again, is a THING you’d know about if you clicked the friggin’ link!  He’s holding a gun with a sword coming out of the business end of it. There’s a chain connected to the end of the gun, a crown at the top of the blade and a wreath hanging off the crown. There are six flames falling from the gun-sword (Side note: How would a gun-sword work, anyway? Is it a bayonet? If it is, why is it inside the barrel of the gun? Does it shoot swords? Cause that would be COOL. Imagine an automatic rifle that shot 600 swords a second! How AWESOME would THAT be? Not in a real world type of situation of course, but DEFINITELY in an “ARMY OF DARKNESS“ kind of a way.) The look on Spoony’s face is that of a warrior. A fighter. An unsuspecting hero. A person that didn’t go out looking for greatness but had greatness THRUST upon him anyway. All he wanted was a burrito… (Actually, I don’t know if he wanted a burrito or not. I just wanted it to be on the cutting edge of a THING nobody knew about yet…)


So that’s what our “just wanted a burrito” hero looks like right side up. Now let’s flip him over and take a look at him from that vantage point:



So now that Spoony’s standing on his head, what can this POSSIBLY mean for us today? Well let’s get into it.


In the Upright position, the Ace of Swords has typically meant conflict and drama. And a LOT of it. I actually like worthikid’s interpretation of the Ace of Swords because instead of a sword coming out of the heavens, which is what the Ace of Swords traditionally looks like. But because Spoony’s holding the sword-gun it lands it firmly in the “real world”. Meaning, it’s not something that’s esoteric and ethereal and spiritual, it’s real-world conflict. Right here, right now. Like Bruce Campbell in “The Evil Dead” we’re slicing and dicing up monsters and zombies and vampires and werewolves and everything else they can throw at us. We’re in the fight of our lives. Only it was a lot funnier in the movie…


But wait a minute! Our card is in the Reversed position! What could this mean? Well, it could mean a few things. One, it could mean a fight is on the horizon and the Universe is trying to warn us of it. It could be this fight will come out of nowhere. And instead of us looking around for our sword-gun - swun? - (look! It’s a word mash-up! IT’S A THING!) when the fight’s already upon us, we can better prepare ourselves. Sometimes we can be blindsided by news that isn’t all that pleasant. And in fact, it could be the news will have us fighting someone or a group of people that we hadn’t anticipated would be in the enemy camp. The Ace of Swords in the Reversed position is warning us to be forearmed.


Another thing it could mean is we’re stuffing the truth down in ourselves and not allowing it to come out. As we’ve learned before, the Swords suit REQUIRES us to tell the truth. No matter what. Is there something you’ve been needing to say that for one reason or another you just haven’t? Have you been needing to have a “coming to Jesus” talk with someone? Is there someone in your life who you need to speak to and have an adult conversation with but you haven’t? The Ace of Swords warns against that. It’s the whole kettle boiling over effect the Ace of Wands is cautioning us against. We don’t want to be the pressure cooker about to explode. We don’t want to be the one that stuffs down our emotions until they have no choice but to flare up and hurt innocent bystanders. Let’s not be the ones that when our kids ask us for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich scream at them, “MAKE IT YOUR OWN FUCKING SELF! AND WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, GET A FUCKING JOB, ASSHOLE!!!” “But Mommy,” little Timmy cries, “I’m only ten years old!” “BUILD A LEMONADE STAND! SELL GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! GET A GODDAMNED PAPER ROUTE FOR ALL I CARE! JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!” And as Timmy runs from the room crying his little eyes out because he KNOWS he can’t sell Girl Scout cookies, you scream after him, “WHAT?!?!?! SO NOW I’M THE ASSHOLE?!?!?!?!?!


Yeah Mommy. You’re an asshole. Because the person we should be screaming at is the one person who we’ve been biting our tongue about for the longest time. Why? What are we afraid of saying? What are we afraid of losing? What is it about speaking the truth to the one person in the world that needs it most is giving we pause? Maybe we should think about that and determine why we’re holding back. And then make the determination not to. The Ace of Swords requires this of us.


Let’s end this almost tomorrow “Tarot the Day!” on a positive note, shall we? The Ace of Swords in the Reversed position could mean we’ve in fact gone through the conflict that we’re supposed to go through. It could mean we’ve been fighting for our lives about a certain situation or a series of circumstances and we’re about to come out the other end of it. Or recently we have. If that’s so, congratulations! We made it! YAY US!!! Did we learn anything? Let’s hope that we did. Let’s hope the lessons we were meant to learn after the really tough situation we were presented were taken to heart so that we can continue on the evolutionary path of not only ourselves but the world as a whole.


For more information on the above offer, click HERE!


Until next time family, be blessed.

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Tarot the Day! for Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

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Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Wednesday, February 19th, 2014. Let’s get right into the juicy goodness, shall we?


But first, an apology…


If you’re a regular “Tarot the Day!” reader, (btw, THANK YOU!) you’re aware that there was no “Tarot the Day!” for yesterday. I apologize for that. There are reasons there was no blog posting yesterday, but they are personal. I do hope you’ll forgive me. To make up for it, I’m thinking about doing a special WEEK-END EDITION of “Tarot the Day!” One card, two days. If successful, it might be an ongoing feature in “The Traveling Tarot”. No promises at this point, but it’s certainly an idea I’m floating around in my head. What do you think? Would you check out “Tarot the Day!” on the week-ends? If so, SOUND OFF!!! Let me know. Comment below or send an email to [email protected]. Regardless of my final decision about doing a week-end edition of my blog, expect AT LEAST ONE special WEEK-END EDITION of “Tarot the Day!” landing on “The Traveling Tarot” website on Saturday afternoon. And please forgive me for not posting anything yesterday. So with the mea culpa out of the way, let’s get into today’s artist.


Today’s artist is Cody Seekins from, well, EVERYWHERE it seems. Our new friend Cody is a military brat. He burst forth from the womb in North Dakota, cut his own umbilical cord, threw up two fingers and cooed "PEACE OUT, BITCHES!!!" and immediately caught the red eye to Germany. By the time he’d graduated high school he’d lived in over seven US states, Italy and a second stop-over in Germany. He got his undergraduate degree in Studio Art from Wichita State University and his MFA in Figurative Painting from AAU in San Francisco. His art has been shown in the US, Mexico and France. The following is why Cody is my kind of guy. Taken from his bio page: “My interest in painting sources from a recapitulative process; using personal experience, identities, revelation, and reflections across time to build novel images. To this end I have found my education on Theravada Buddhism to be a fascinating and relevant system. I focus on treating impressions of my life in a similar vein as the stories of the Gautama Buddha prior to reaching enlightenment, as described in The Jātaka tales of Buddhism.” YYYAAASSS!!!! I love a guy whose art reflects his spirituality without necessarily hitting you over the noggin with it. It’s subtle. It can sometimes be jarring (as the picture we’re about to see) but at the same time, if looked at and meditated upon can bring us one step closer to our own form of “enlightenment”. So with that said, GO to his website, check out his gallery, and BUY HIS SHIT!!!


Today’s card is the Page of Wands in the Upright position. Here’s how our new friend Cody interprets that card:



See? Told ya it was a little jarring. But it’s jarring for a good reason, which we’ll get into in a minute. But before we do, as per our usual, we’ll hack that picture up into itty bitty little pieces, turn it inside out, sew it all back together and take a step back to see how the lessons in this picture and in the Page of Wands can incorporate themselves into our lives.


Okay, there are a few things going on in this picture I’d like to bring our attention to. The first being the Wand itself. Instead of a traditional staff with vines and flowers on top, Cody has opted for an Egyptian like scepter with a scarab atop. But wait a minute... is that… do my eyes deceive me… OMG Is that Skeets from the Booster Gold comic books on top of the scarab? Or could it be one of Mister Terrific’s  T-Spheres from the Justice Society of America comic books? If it’s Booster Gold’s Skeets then it fits completely in line with infinite knowledge of the past‘s recorded history. If it’s Mister Terrific’s T-Sphere’s it’s IMHO much more interesting because Michael Holt as Mister Terrific happens to be an atheist. And let’s not even get into the scarab from Blue Beetle!!!   SQUEEE!!!  Family, this may be the most nerd-tastic “Tarot the Day!” I’ve EVER WRITTEN!!! SQUEEE!!! (Excuse me. I just had a nerd-gasm.) *breathing heavy* Okay… *still coming down* let’s get back to the picture. Surrounding the scarab we have the wings of Isis. The entire head of the scepter is eclipsing the sun as the yellow, gold, orange and red rays of the sun bear down on our hero in blazing hot fashion. Our hero - who couldn’t be more than ten years old - is sweating profusely from his forehead and face. He’s got short, spiky light brown hair. His eyes are clear blue. But what’s great about his eyes is they have a look of “I dare you. I fucking DARE you to say one goddamned word to me!” His shoulders and neck are darkly freckled from the heat of the unrelenting sun. Defiantly, he’s taking a long hard drag off a cigarette. (Don’t smoke, kids. It’s bad for you.) He’s wearing a black and white beaded necklace with a huge green and aqua bead in the middle. He’s got his tank top on and the tank top says: “PRODIGAL SON”.


So now that we’ve torn this picture apart piece by piece (and had a nerd-gasm along the way), what can it mean for our lives today?


Well the interesting thing about Pages is they’re typically associated with youth. Or new beginnings. Or starting out fresh. Basically so young you can still smell their mother’s milk on their breath. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everything and everyone has to start from somewhere, right? I LOVE that Cody decided to go with Egyptian symbols and iconography in his interpretation of the Page of Wands. Did you know the average age of ascension to the Pharaoh’s throne was nine years old? Yeah. Nine. Could you imagine taking on that role and that responsibility at such a young age? Well from the looks of this particular “pharaoh” he’s saying, “I got this.” He probably doesn’t. But that he thinks he does makes all the difference. And that’s what the Page of Wands is both cautioning us against and encouraging us to be. I know that may seem like a contradiction, but if we really dig down deep, we’ll find it is true. Let’s start with the caution side of the coin.


Have you ever met those types of people that think they know everything? You know the type. The person who, regardless of the topic, is the expert? And who will go to GREAT lengths to tell ANYBODY who will listen to them, they know what the hell they’re talking about and nobody else knows crap? The type of person on the first day on the job is trying to tell the boss how to do his job? Yeah. THAT guy. The caution in the Page of Wands is that it’s trying to tell us in fact we DON’T know everything. We CAN’T know everything. And if we TRY to not only know everything but force our “knowledge” and will on everything we touch and everybody we come into contact with, we’re bound to eventually fail.


There is strength and power in the words, “I don’t know.”  Really, there is.  Go ahead. Try it. Say “I don’t know.” Say it again. “I don’t know.” Again. “I don’t know.“ A little louder this time. “I Don’t Know.” Now SCREAM IT!!! ’I DON’T KNOW!!!!” Take a deep breath and let it all go. Isn’t that liberating? Isn’t that freeing? Suddenly the weight of HAVING to know has dropped off our shoulders. Suddenly the RESPONSIBILITY of having to know has floated away. Now instead of being overwhelmed by HAVING to know, we can make like Shakespeare and let our discretion (silence) be the better part of our valor. We can actively take part in the old adage, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” We don’t HAVE to be the go-to guy. We don’t HAVE to be the one with all the answers. We don’t HAVE to try and be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of ALL rather than none. We can just say, “I don’t know.” But if we wanna be helpful, we can certainly take that “I don’t know” one step further and confidently say, “But I’ll find out for ya!”


The other side of the coin is the “fake it till you make it” side. It says that there are times in life where we simply have to take that leap of face, dive in face first, not knowing the outcome. Sometimes confidence is a smart move. Notice I said “confidence” and not “cockiness”. Confidence doesn’t need to introduce itself. Cockiness has to make itself known. There are times in life where we simply have to volunteer to “take one for the team”. We may not know what the hell we’re doing, but people respect that even if we crash and burn, we had the courage to volunteer in the first place.


Also, there may be times where we simply have to psyche ourselves out. We have to repeat “I can do this. I can do this. I can do this” over and over again in our heads. Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”  So whatever we think, we become. Our brain doesn’t know the difference. It will do whatever we tell it to do. Sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes in front of the mirror chanting, “I can do this” for our minds to say, “You know what? I CAN do this! What am I standing in front of this mirror for? LET’S DO THIS!!!!” And then we’re off and running.


And not for nothing, but other people are drawn to confident people. (Again, I said “confident” not “cocky”.) Sadly  I know someone who, upon entering a crowded room, will find the darkest corner in that room and blend into the woodwork. And people just pass her right by. She literally has to wave people down sometimes to get their attention. This person, even though she’s one of the sweetest people I know, has the hardest time networking, creating and building friendships. True, crowded rooms aren’t for everybody. But when you fade into the background of a room where you’re the only one in it, there may be a problem. The Page of Wands encourages us to expand rather than contract. To reach out, instead of pull in. To break out of the woodwork instead of fading into it.


Plus, there is something about the swagger of somebody that’s clearly in control that makes people want to be around them. They don’t have to even say a word. The way they carry themselves says it all. The way they enter a room and can make everything stop. The way people follow them with their eyes as they walk through. The way they look people in the eye when talking to them says it all. The way they can make the person they’re talking to feel like the only person in the world says it all. People are naturally drawn to that. They can’t help themselves. They’re like moths to a flame. If we heed the advice of the Page of Wands and we’re confident, (even if we don’t know what the hell we’re doing) we don’t have to seek people out. They will find us.


Finally, when the Page of Wands comes up in a reading I can tell the person across from me is really excited about a new opportunity. A new endeavor. A new challenge. They’re chomping at the bit to get in there and get their hands dirty. If that’s the case for us today, I would urge us to funnel that passion into learning everything we can about whatever project that’s got us so excited. It’s possible the more we know about whatever’s gotten us excited in the first place is BOUND to deepen that excitement. Or it could be the more we learn about the ins and outs of a particular project, the more it will temper that excitement and focus it. Regardless, knowledge is power. I encourage us to become as powerful of people as we can.


For more information about the above offer, click here.

Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

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Tarot the Day! For Monday, February 17th, 2014

Posted on February 18, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (17)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Monday, February 17th, 2014. Did you have a good week-end? Did you spend it with your LOVAH? If you’re single, did you LOVE yourself? Well, regardless of your partner status, I do hope you spend this past Valentine’s Day week-end loving yourself. Because in the IMMORTAL words of RuPaul “And remember: If you don’t love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?” An interesting card for the start of our work week. Let’s get into it!


I found today’s artist on my new favorite website, deviantART.  Her name is B. Mousseau and she goes by the screen name moussart. There’s not a lot of information about this artist out there other than she’s female and she’s from Manitoba, Canada. She’s also into Eastern art and mythology (something that plays well into today’s card). But outside of that, there’s really not a lot out there about her. I can’t even tell you to go to her page and BUY HER SHIT!!! Because there’s nothing there for sale. What I can tell you is today’s picture is at least 9 years old. She posted it to the deviantART website at the end of January, 2005. She has another gallery over on with the same pictures. But again, not much information about her, nor is anything of hers for sale. So if you know our “mystery artist”, let her know she has a fan at “The Traveling Tarot”.


So let’s get into today’s card which happens to be the Queen of Cups in the Upright position. Here’s B. Mousseau’s interpretation of that card:



Isn’t that lovely? As per our usual, we’ll take a katana sword to it, cut it up “Kill Bill” style and put it back together. Then we’ll step back from it and see what we’ve created and how we can best apply it to our lives today.


Gosh, there is SO much to love in this picture! The first being this is a Japanese woman. I’ve mentioned this before and it’s well worth mentioning again: It’s always nice to see someone who looks like you, staring back at you. I’m all for multiculturalism and diversity not only in our lives but also in Tarot cards. Not only is it more inclusive but it allows for, in my opinion, an easier access point for people of different backgrounds to explore the Tarot. Soapbox moment over. So we have a young Japanese lady. She seems to be stopped in the middle of a trail. She’s kneeling on the lush green grass next to the trail. Her hair is pinned back and a soft, black, lush bang hangs loosely just over her right eyebrow. She’s clothed in a traditional furisode kimono. It’s blue and flowing and shimmering like water. Like a river or a stream. It’s almost as if the kimono itself is made of pure, crystal clear water, and our Queen is rising up out of it. In her kimono are purple water lilies which actually seem to be alive. So much so that it looks as if she’s plucking them right out of the waters of her dress and tending to them. In her right hand is a cup. In the cup is a purple water lily. A gorgeous interpretation of the Queen of Cups!


So what does this all mean for us today? Well I did a little research on the furisode kimono. Taken from “Furisode, a traditional Japanese kimono, literally translates as swinging sleeves, the sleeves of Furisode average between 36 and 42 inches in length. The Furisode is made of very fine, brightly colored silk. A Furisode is commonly bought by parents for their daughters to wear when celebrating Coming of Age Day, the year they turn 20. A Furisode is a very loud and clear advertisement that the single woman is available for marriage.” Apparently this “Coming Of Age Day” tradition is still alive and well in today’s Japan.

You know it’s funny. When I was meditating on this card before typing out this blog, the word “Pregnancy” kept coming to mind. Over and over and over again. So at first blush it could be that one of you reading this blog today is about to start a family, which is a traditional interpretation of the Queen of Cups. If you have no plans on starting a family right now, you might want to do yourself a favor and drop by your friendly neighborhood pharmacy and pick up a pregnancy test. You know. Just to be sure.


Or it could mean starting a family is paramount on your mind right now. You can’t walk by a stroller without bursting into envious green flames. Every time a Pampers commercial comes on, so do the waterworks. It could mean you’ve had some difficulty in the past conceiving. You’ve tried ad tried and tried some more, to no avail. Or if you have conceived, maybe you’ve miscarried. It’s been such a hard and painful journey for you, you’ve almost given up. The Queen of Cups is telling you to think about giving it one more try. This may be the time it takes for you to get pregnant and start a family. Nothing can take away the pain of your past. Of your struggles to start a family. But it has made you all the more ready now to bring a new life into the world. The Queen of Cups is urging you now may be the time to think about trying again.


And if we decide trying it the old fashioned way isn’t going to work for us, we might want to look into adoption. Or foster care. There are SO MANY abandoned children out there that simply want parents that will love them. That will nurture them. That will take care of them. It takes a special kind of person to be a foster parent or an adoptive parent. It’s certainly not for everyone. But if starting a family the good old fashioned way (and even through in-vitro fertilization) isn’t working for us, maybe we should consider ALL the options for starting a family that are out there.  If being a parent is something we really want to do, there is BOUND to be a boy or a girl that has been waiting for us to enter their lives.  In the past, for one reason or another we weren’t quite ready, and so the Universe waited. The Universe is telling us now might be a really good time to revisit the topic.


Before I leave the topic of family there’s one more type of family I want to address: Friends. Sometimes life deals us an unlucky hand when it comes to the family we’re bound to by DNA (although there’s lessons to be learned in that circumstance as well). When that happens, sometimes good friends are the only thing that keeps us from falling completely apart. Even if that isn’t our circumstance, our friendships require constant management and care to grow and blossom as well. Is there a friend we haven’t reached out to in love and kindness in a while? Even amongst our closest friends there may be someone who’s going through a battle they feel only they can go through. And so they’re going it alone. Sometimes we don’t know what’s going on right under our eyes. It’s always a good idea to check in with friends - even the closest amongst them - and let them know we’re here for them, regardless the circumstance.


Take a look at our Queen of Cups again. As I stated above, it seems the water lilies on her kimono are alive. She’s tending to them and allowing them to grow and to flourish. I love this interpretation more and more and more! The Queen of Cups is all about nurturing which is why it’s so tied to pregnancy and family. But it also means we should take the time to tend to our spiritual gardens. Like a doting mother to her children, we should tend to our spiritual gardens each and every day. When we do that, we open ourselves up to a deeper understanding not only of spirituality, but of ourselves.


Which is why it’s so cool the water lilies are coming out of our Queen. Because she - as well as we - are discovering new things about ourselves. We may have chosen a spiritual path or discipline that has open our minds and souls up to possibilities we didn’t even realize existed. We may have stumbled upon a way of thinking and way of life that makes sense on a level that never ever occurred to us before. If that’s the case, I encourage us to nurture that new knowledge. Tend to that spirituality. Our spiritualities and life experiences should always be deeper, wider and richer than any religious doctrine or dogma. Granted, religion has its place. But the Queen of Cups is encouraging us to dig deeper.


The suit of Cups is also tied to our passions. I can’t help but wonder if in all our spiritual gardening we don’t discover new and exciting talents. Talents that not only can deepen and enrich our own lives, but also can be of service to others? If you would have told me ten years ago that not only would I discover Tarot but that I would be making it a business, I would have thought you were crazy. But because of a “happy spiritual accident”, (long story for another day) here I am. And through the writing of this weekday blog, my in person sessions have gotten deeper and more personal. I peel back another layer of the Tarot each time I sit down and write. And I incorporate that into my one-on-one sessions with other people. There is always room in our minds to learn, grow and expand. I encourage us to keep ourselves open to the teachings the Universe has for each of us. You never know. It could lead to an entirely different, albeit MUCH more satisfying, career.

From now until March 15th, 2014, you and a loved one can schedule a two hour session with The Traveling Tarot! And here's the really cool part: That two hour session can be done in person, over the phone, or even on Skype. So NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD you can take advantage of this very special offer! For more information, click here.



Until next time family, be blessed.


Stephen Dillard-Carroll

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Tarot the Day! for Friday, February 14th, 2014

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Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Friday, February 14th, 2014. Happy Valentine’s Day! Or if you’re single, Happy SAD! (Singles Awareness Day) This day is for LOVE and for LOVAHS! I encourage you to take some special time out with that special somebody and make each other feel real special. And if you’re celebrating SAD today, make DOUBLY sure you’re making YOURSELF feel happy today! (Along those “loving yourself and loving somebody else” lines, make sure you check out the special offer at the end of today’s blog!) Let’s get into today’s card.


BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! THIS JUST IN: I’ve broken through the “meh’s”!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Today I found an artist that made me drop to my knees and scream “THANK YOU JESUS!!!” Now to be fair, this artist - at least in the comic book world - is VERY well known. But to my knowledge he’s never had a Tarot deck published by Llewellyn or US Game System. And most importantly, his artwork MOVED me. THANK YOU JESUS!!!


His name is Luciano Vecchio. If you’re a DC Comics fan, that name alone should get you moist and juicy. He’s been the penciller and inker for such titles as Green Lantern The Animated Series, Young Justice, Beware the Batman, New Teen Titans and DC Nation. Then during his tenure as a freelance artist over at Capstone Publishers (for which, I think, he still does freelance to this day) he was ALL OVER the DC Universe. (Okay, he spent most of his time in the Batman universe, but still…;) Family, there’s something you need to know about me. Something I don’t think I’ve ever shared in the pages of this blog. I am a “ride or die” fan of DC. I truly am. If someone says to me, “Marvel or DC?” I don’t even hesitate. DC. All. Day. Long. And that his specialty seems to be DC characters only makes me love Luciano even more. He even did a “Batman-Wonder Woman” match up! “Cheetah and the PURRFECT Crime!”  I’m not gonna lie family. I started salivating. Seriously. This man is made of PURE awesome sauce! On his tumblr page he drew a Vintage Donna Troy! And on January 28th, 2014 - I think I’m hyperventilating now - on his tumblr page he drew a picture of… wait for it… VINTAGE WONDER WOMAN!!! *faints* *dies* *revives* YYYAAASSS!!!! I STRONGLY encourage you to check out his deviantART page, check out his gallery check out his tumblr page (halfway down is Vintage Diana), check out his WordPress page, and if he has anything - and I do mean ANYTHING - for sale, BUY HIS SHIT!!! (Just now on his tumblr page I found another picture of Wonder Woman and - AND! - a concept for a new gay superhero called, wait for it, WONDER BOY!!! *faints* *dies* *revives* YYYAAASSS!!!!) And - AND! - he even did a Tarot card! Ladies and gentlemen I am SERIOUSLY fanning out right about now. *takes a deep breath* *exhales* *releases* Okay, let’s move onto today’s card. It’s the Knight of Wands in the Reversed position. Because it‘s easier to decipher the picture when it‘s in the Upright position, that‘s what we‘ll do first. Then after we‘ve broken the picture down, we‘ll build it back up in the Reversed position and see if it makes sense for us today. So without further ado, here‘s the Knight of Wands in the Upright


(Not For Nothing Side Note: Why hasn‘t DC, or even MARVEL for that matter, jumped ALL OVER creating a Tarot deck? You‘d think that it would be a SLAM DUNK for them. The Fradella Adventure Tarot has been a HUGE success. Just IMAGINE how big it would be if DC or MARVEL got into the Tarot game! I know I‘d be first in line. Anywhoo, back to today‘s card. Ain‘t it cool?)


Okay, let’s take this picture piece by piece, starting with the background. Clear blue summer like day. Nicey nice. Pyramids in the very back. But are they Earth’s pyramids or pyramids from another planet? (Side note: You don’t REALLY think we’re the ONLY civilization in the universe to have pyramids, do you? PSHAW! Don’t be silly!) I ask if they’re from another planet because the one in the foreground seems to be melting under the weight of our hero (villain?). And is that lava coming up from the bowels of the pyramid or is that the heat from the alien steed melting the pyramid into red hot liquid? Speaking of alien steeds, what exactly is it our hero (villain) is riding? It’s like a cross between a snake, a preying mantis, a gecko, a lizard and a horse. IT’S AWESOME!!! Our alien creature has three long tentacle fingers. A long, knifelike tail. Vertical pupils. It’s body is long, red and yellow. Our hero (villain?) is sitting on a saddle, riding atop this huge lanky lizard type creature. His reins seem to be made of fire that he’s in full control. Our hero (villain?) is covered in green, red and grey armor. Flames shoot out in two directions from the shoulders of his armor. In his right hand he holds a staff that shoots fire. This is our Knight of Wands. Is he a hero? Is he a villain? Or is he just a misunderstood anti-hero made of plain old awesome sauce? Yeah. I’m going with the last one.


So now that we have a clear picture in our head of what Mr. Vecchio has drawn, let’s see it flipped upside down in the Reversed


As we’ve learned, Reversed can mean stop, delay, or no. But I always say take a look at the DIRECTION the reversed card is facing. If it’s facing towards the left it means it’s concerned with things of the past. If it’s facing towards the right it means it’s concerned with things in the future. Our anti-hero is facing right. Which means that even though it’s in the Reversed position, the focus is still on the future.


The more that I’m looking at this card, the more I’m convinced of the anti-hero component of it. In my mind, this guy isn’t trying to be a hero. He’s not out to change the world. Quite frankly, this guy has had his fill of war. He’s had his fill of violence. He’s had his fill with being a “good little soldier”. Since he’s gotten out of the military, he’s tried to distance himself not only from the violence that still surrounds him day by day, but he’s trying to leave behind the man he once was. He just wants to lead a quiet life with no distractions. But circumstances keep getting in his way. Bad guys - REALLY bad guys - keep trying to drag him back into the fight. But he doesn’t want any of that. He just wants to forge his own path. Quietly and in peace.

Tell me something family: Has it taken everything in us to just get through this rollercoaster week? The Ten of Blades that showed up on Tuesday seems to indicate this has been a really hard week for us.  Filled with dizzying highs and incredible lows.  And at the end of it all, we’re not the same people we were before. We’re trying to be better people. We’re trying to do things differently. We’re trying NOT to take the easy way out. But life just won’t make that transition easy for us. It’s throwing road block after road block after road block in our way.


But again, look to where the Knight is facing. The right. The future. The Universe is trying its best to tell us to continue to fight our personal fight. To keep true. To not give into what is easy. To not give in to despair and hopelessness. To keep on keeping on.

I gotta tell ya family, this card is telling us it’s just not going to be easy. It’s not. It’s going to be one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. To stay strong in the face of adversity. To be true in the face of ever changing circumstances. To dig in our heels and say “NO! I’m NOT that person anymore! I’m a better person now! I’m trying my hardest to be the person I would be proud to have looking back at me in the mirror. Regardless of what life throws our way, I’m NOT the person I used to be. I’m a better person now. Or at least I’m trying to be.”


Sometimes family, life’s a bitch. Sometimes life throws tests our way just to measure our mettle. Do we REALLY mean what we say? Or are we trying to blow smoke up the Universe’s ass? Are we TRULY trying to change old habits, old ways of being? Or is that just showing off to friends, neighbors and whomever else will listen to us babble on?


On the other hand, sometimes when the Knight of Wands is in the Reversed position it’s telling us the Universe is trying its best to slow us down. The hardest thing for some of us to accept is we are on the Universe’s clock and not the other way around. We may be the ones itching to race into battle. We may be the ones that have burst through the problems of the Ten of Blades and are chomping at the bit to get back in the ring. Sometimes the Universe is saying we need to slow down and continue to work on ourselves. The roadblocks that we perceive that are in our way is sometimes the Universe begging, PLEADING with us to pump our brakes. To take a moment to breathe. To take a minute to rest.


Sometimes when we break through a really tough time into the celebration of a bright new day we are like a ravenous dog eating a steak. We don’t care that we’re really not digesting the steak, instead we’re swallowing it whole.  Sometimes we’re SO READY to take on the world. We’re beating our bloodied chests and screaming, “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!?!?! I’M JUST GETTING WARMED UP!!! BRING IT!!!” Listen, while the feeling of being able to take on the world is a truly wonderful gift, sometimes the Universe tells us we really need to be careful what we wish for.


Because today life has been throwing all kinds of crap our way. And that puffed out chest has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller. And now instead of yelling “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!?!?!” it's taking everything we've got not to cry “UNCLE!!!” If that is the case for us, it could just be the Universe wants us to slow our roll a little bit and take some time to heal. We’ve had it rough. No one - including the Universe - would begrudge us taking the time that is necessary to lick our wounds.


While we're licking our wounds, I'd ask us to look at the direction our anti-hero is facing. He’s facing the future. Sometimes in our linear thought patterns we have the tendency to think that stopping means no progression at all. That’s simply not the case. Remember, we are on the Universe’s time clock and NOT the other way around. So while we’re stopping and taking care of ourselves, the Universe is still working on our behalf. Sometimes forcing the issue (trying to get the Universe on our time clock) means we unintentionally block our own blessings. We’re so busy fighting. So busy putting out fires. So busy screaming “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!?!?!” we delay the good stuff the Universe is working on sending our way. Or even worse, we stop the blessings all together. Remember, the Universe lives outside of linear time.  So waiting for our concrete block heads to crack, waiting for us to catch a clue, is nothing to the Universe. Waiting for us to FINALLY catch on and catch up is sadly, what the Universe does all the time. The Universe has all the time in the world to wait.


Another thing the Knight of Wands in the Reversed position can mean is us being hard on ourselves. We may have come through a particularly hellacious week. And in our minds we should be stronger. We should be able to handle anything that comes our way. In our minds we should be not only fighters, but conquerors. But because this week has been particularly painful for some of us we’re not even waiting for life to kick us while we’re down. We’re kicking the crap out of ourselves. If this is true, STOP! We’re not doing anybody, including ourselves, ANY favors by being so hard on ourselves. Let me ask you this: If we were our best friends in this situation, what would we tell ourselves? I know that’s some real “Deepak Oprah” shit, but roll with me for a sec. Find the nearest mirror.  Look yourself straight in the eye and talk to yourself as if you were your best friend. Really. I'm serious. It may seem silly. You may feel really self-conscious about it for a moment, but try it. Talk to yourself as if you were your best friend. The best friend that will tell you the truth no matter what. And then follow the advice your best friend gives you.


I promise this is the last time I’ll beat this “we’re all in this together” drum (well, the last time at least this week), but when we fight against the Universe we gum up the entire works. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone else involved. I fully understand if at this particular moment we can’t see beyond our own set of circumstances and into the big picture. Sometimes life gets that way for us. I get it. But with the Knight of Wands being in Reverse, the Universe is asking us to at least try. At least try and see that us barreling head first into battle is only making it worse not just for us but for everyone else involved. Yes family, we are all in this thing together. We really are. I think what this card is saying today is it’s perfectly okay to fall back for a while. As a whole, we’re STILL MOVING FORWARD, even if personally we’ve stopped for a moment to breathe. As a whole we’re STILL progressing, even if it’s time for us personally to pause and take a moment to assess our lives.


And in that assessment, in that taking stock, it’s very important for us to figure out how, after we’ve healed from what may have been a truly nasty week, we can grow and become better people. How we can expand. How we can contribute to the progression and evolution of US as a whole once we are fully healed. There’s no such thing as standing still, family. There is, however, a such thing as falling back and allowing the Universe to lead. I strongly urge each of us, if we’ve had the week from hell, to cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves a break. We’re still moving forward, I promise. The Reversed Awesome Sauce Anti-Hero wouldn’t be facing the future if we weren’t.

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Until next time family, be blessed.

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Tarot the Day! for Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Posted on February 13, 2014 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (17)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Thursday, February 13th, 2014. One this Valentine’s Eve (Or if you’re single, the Eve of SADness) we have a very special card. So let’s get into it.


Remember in yesterday’s blog I gave you a little bit of my process in how I pick the artwork for my posts? And remember yesterday I said I couldn’t find a piece that had all three elements I needed? (Those elements being: 1) truly moved me 2) was by an “unknown” artist, and 3) hadn’t been published before.) Well guess what? Today is more of the same. And I think the problem is with Rule #1. And before you go in on me let me just say it’s not about the artists. Like AT ALL. I really do believe it’s about me. I’ve gotten into “meh” mode. Every time I come across an artist that has the last two rules I end up going “meh”. Which means the most important rule, Rule #1, puts a big assed “NEXT” stamp in bright red letters on the picture. I really don’t know what my problem is, family. I’m finding GREAT artwork out there, really I am. There are truly talented people out there just waiting to be “discovered”. But these last couple days… “Meh”… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll snap out of this “meh” mode and get back to being inspired.


With that said, I did the next best thing for today’s artist and card. I found a deck that’s rare. So rare in fact, you can barely find it anywhere in the United States anymore. It’s so rare that the current CHEAPEST rate for the deck on is $150.00 new and $99.00 used. Compare that with a Pocket Sized Rider-Waite deck you can get from Wal-Mart for less than 20 bucks and honey you KNOW it’s vintage. The deck I’m talking about is called the Arcus Arcanum Tarot.  And that $99.00 used price is the CHEAPEST price out there for this particular deck. (Actually, for our French speaking brothers and sisters there’s a French edition on eBay for $90.25 plus $4.12 shipping and handling. So if you parlez vous francais, you can save yourself a few pennies. Oui! Oui!)


Now again, before you go in on me, I didn’t start out looking for a vintage, overpriced, barely in print anymore deck. It’s just because I was in “meh” mode today and saw one too many cards that did absolutely nothing for me that I was inspired to go the vintage route. Plus, it’s a FABULOUS deck! I have no idea why they stopped printing the deck. Especially when sub-standard decks *you KNOW who you are side-eye* are being published left and right. And again, I’m not a Tarot snob. Really I’m not. I’m just in “meh” mode. And the one card that did it for me today just happened to be a vintage card. *sigh* Don’t judge me… Let’s talk about the artist and then we’ll get into the card itself.


The artist’s name is Hansrudi Wäscher. He was born in 1928 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is primarily known in Europe as a comic book artist and writer. In fact, 1953 to 1968 was his most prolific period where he wrote and drew such comics as: Sigurd, Akim, Nick, Tibor, Falk, Titanus, Fenrir, and Roy Stark. Because he was fluent in German, Italian and Swedish, he drew, translated and wrote over 1,500 mini-sized comic books, published all over Europe. Beginning in 1969 he wrote and drew the “Buffalo Bill” series. He kept busy writing and drawing until the early 80’s. Basically this guy was the Stan Lee of Europe. (Not for nothing, but he kinda even looks like Stan Lee.)


In 1987 he drew the pictures for the Arcus Arcanum Tarot. It was published in the US by US Gaming Systems. But it is since out of print. And that’s why it can be sold for $150.00 on It’s out of print, it’s rare and the artist, Hansrudi Wäscher, is basically the Stan Lee of Europe. ‘Nuff said.


If you are a comic book collector (I am), this is where I would tell you to go to his website, check out his stuff and BUY HIS SHIT!!! But it’s probably best if you go to your friendly neighborhood comic book shop (they still exist, you know) and see if you can wheel and deal there. Plus, if you don’t speak German, Italian or Swedish then you’ll probably just have to marvel (see what I did there?) at the pictures. But honestly, if you were able to get your hands on a vintage copy of his comic books, wouldn’t you put it in a vault under lock and key with 24 hour armed security? Just saying… Anyway, let’s get to today’s card which happens to be the Three of Pentacles. Here it is:



As per our usual, we’ll slice and dice the card (RESPECTFULLY! He’s the Stan Lee of Europe, after all) run our fingers through the ooey-gooey center, glue it back together (RESPECTFULLY, dammit!) and see how it can apply to our lives.


If you checked out any of the links above regarding Mr. Wäscher’s artwork you’ll see the design of this card is very much in the vein of the “Prince Valiant” comic strips of old.  (Actually, “Prince Valiant” has been published since the late 1930’s and is still running to this day in Sunday papers.) The artwork is very Arthurian. Very Middle Ages. Very detailed and very romantic. So what’s going on in this picture? Well, we’ve got three people and three pentacles in this picture. It seems we have an artisan of sorts in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. He seems to be showing two “fair maidens” the three of pentacles. The pentacles are situated upright on three pillars of descending height. Underneath the pentacles is a dark teal cloth that covers all three pillars. The “fair maidens” all seem to be exceptionally impressed with the artisans handiwork, his craftsmanship and his attention to detail. The artisan is proud of the pentacles he has created. All the characters in the scene are dressed in the peasant garb of their time. Again, very middle ages and romantic. At the bottom of our scene are five daisies in full bloom. Behind our “fair maidens” is a bright and sunny summer day, with lazy white clouds slowly rolling by.


So now that we’ve set this very romantic Arthurian scene of times long ago and far away, what could it possibly mean for us today?


The Three of Pentacles has historically been the artisan card. Because it’s associated with the number three and three is the number of creativity, it’s clear this card is all about bringing our own brand of creativity to bear in the real world. Have we been creative today? If not, why not? Has there been a part of us that is screaming for attention? But because we are so busy with keeping a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food in our stomachs, have we made the choice to ignore its cries?


As I’ve said before it’s exceedingly hard to be a creative type in a world where creativity isn’t encouraged. We’ve been so conditioned to fit into “pre-approved” boxes. Tell me if the following doesn‘t ring true: 1) Birth. 2) Childhood, where we are encouraged to “be whatever we want to be because we can”. 3) Elementary and Middle School, where we discover for ourselves the things we’re truly talented and passionate about. 4) High school, where we rebel against or conform to, “the rules” we’re slowly but surely being introduced to. 5) College, where we decide once and for all (not really) what we want to do with our lives. 6) Graduation, where we are once again advised “the world is our oyster”. But this time it’s with the caveat that we conform to “the rules”. 7) We find a job. It’s not our dream job, but it pays the rent. 8) Love and marriage, where suddenly it’s not just about us and the pressure of conforming to “the rules” begins to REALLY bear down upon us as we begin to create a 9) Family - suddenly we not only have a significant other we have to take into consideration, we have a fragile little soul who has entrusted to us the task of protecting, loving, sheltering, and raising him or her right. If we’ve ignored “the rules” up to this point, we really have no choice but to “conform” because we’re suddenly responsible for another life. And the 9-point cycle for your child, beginning at birth begins anew.


Please don’t get me wrong. I think there are people out there who are perfectly happy with following and perpetuating the above 9-point cycle of life. I personally know people whose only ambition in life was to get married, have kids, and raise a family. And they’re “living the dream” each and every day. That’s perfectly valid. In fact, people that follow the 9-point cycle of life are the ones that keep industry moving. They’re the ones that keep us moving forward. They’re needed and necessary for the evolution of our species. And we should be grateful there are people like that that make up the majority of our Western civilization.


But there is no such thing as a human being without a talent. There is no such thing as a human being who doesn’t do something just a little bit better than the average Joe. There’s no such thing as a human being who is without a gift. The Universe simply does not operate that way. We ALL have something wonderful and magical and unique in each of us. Yes it’s true that industry propels us forward. But it’s that talent, that spark, that passion that’s stamped in each of our DNA’s that expands us. That makes us grow. That makes our species bigger, better and brighter than we were before. If we don’t believe that, then maybe it’s high time we should.


Being that this is a pentacle card, it’s connected with earth-bound energy. The energy of our senses. The energy of our mundane lives and energies. So it’s very connected with the energy of work. In many of the interpretations of this card, the artisan is hard at work. He’s focused. He’s creating something. It’s only in the interruption of that work do we find the other two people that typically populate this card. What that means is it’s not enough just to be passionate. It’s not enough just to dream. It’s not enough to make plans. We must execute those plans on a daily basis. The Pentacles encourages us to have actionable steps we can take day by day to make those dreams a reality. To be clear, the work may be hard. There may be days, weeks, months, years where we go to bed working and wake in the morning working. We may even find ourselves working in our dreams. But work we must in order to create a life we can be proud of.


The number three in the Three of Pentacles can have a few different meanings. The first one that immediately comes to mind is our work will be noticed by others. We will have a product or offer a service that will be seen and recognized by others as valuable. Speaking personally, the blogging business can be a very solitary vocation. Every day I sit down in front of my laptop and type. And type. And type some more. And while I fully realize there are people from around the world that read my ramblings, I often wonder if what I’m doing makes a difference. Am I changing other people’s lives? Are my words causing people to think or are my words just washing over them like a metaphysical shower? Well every now and again I get an affirmation from one of my readers. And let me tell ya family, it’s like wind in my sails. I am filled with SUCH gratitude that what I’m saying is met positively. So much so in fact, people actually reach back out to me in love and kindness. The Three of Pentacles is that energy of recognition. If you haven’t had it in your life recently, I encourage you to continue doing what you’re doing. Eventually someone somewhere will take notice. And it will be all the affirmation you need.


The next meaning in the three is that of teamwork. Since I tend to beat the “we are not alone” drum quite loudly, I won’t spend a lot of time on it today. Just know that if you don’t already have a team around you that believes in you and your passion as much as you do, you soon will gain that team. Threes can denote teamwork. Threes mean there is power in numbers. We don’t have to do all of this alone. And in fact, we are NOT alone.


The final thing threes can mean in a reading is a triangle. I’m no geometrist. But generally three points lead to a head in the middle. That head has been historically defined as the Godhead. This is telling us that our work is blessed by the Universe. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. Even if it’s in its early stages of fitful starts and stops. It’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. It’s also an admonishment that we should be on the same page as the Universe. We should never try to force the Universe onto our timetable or onto our clock. Instead we should allow ourselves to be on the Universe’s time. And make sure what we are doing is pleasing to what the Universe wants from us. If so, great. If not, maybe it’s time for us to re-align ourselves with what is right and good.


And that’s it for today’s reading. Until next time family, be blessed.



Stephen Dillard-Carroll

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Tarot the Day! for Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Posted on February 13, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (56)

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Wednesday, February 12th, 2014. A really fantastic card for our hump day, so let’s get to it.


But first, a bit of business…


It’s usually been my rule in this blog to try my VERY BEST to find artists that aren’t well known. At least not well known yet. There is SO much good artwork out there by so many “under-the-radar” artist types. So instead of posting well known art that everybody’s seen a million times before, I’ve tried my best to find artwork that will move my readers, inspire them, and get them to check out artists that perhaps hadn’t been part of their before.


Along with that, I spend countless hours PORING over artwork. Artwork from deviantART. Artwork from redbubble. Google images. Bing images. Hell, if I don’t find what I’m looking for I’ll even kick it old school style and search over on Yahoo. And it’s not that there isn’t a PLETHORA of Tarot images out there. There is. It’s just that the images I find have to move me. They have to inspire me. They have to make me sit and look at them and think about them for a while. Granted, the artwork that truly moves me is a matter of personal preference and taste. But when something does move me, I IMMEDIATELY go to the source material.


Here’s where the search gets hard. 9 times out of 10 the artwork that truly moves me has already been committed to a deck. And not only has it been printed and pressed, but U.S. Games Systems and Llewellyn have gone through countless printings of them. When that’s the case, when I find the images have already been consumed ad nauseam by the public at large, as much as I may have been moved and inspired by the piece I have to move on. Again, that’s my choice. I could very easily put up a Rider-Waite image, interpret it, and keep moving on with life. But because I am an art lover as well as a Tarot reader, I take up the task of trying to find the one piece out of a million that moves me and hasn’t been seen a billion times over by the public.


Again, what does and does not move me are CLEARLY matters of personal taste and what the Universe wants from me for that day. (Opinions are, after all, just like assholes. Everyone’s got one. And if you don’t, you need medical attention. Quick, fast and in a hurry!) And I get it. Just because a deck has been published countless times doesn’t necessarily mean the people who are reading my blog on any particular day have actually seen it. I’ve seen a lot of decks because it’s my business to see a lot of decks. But that doesn’t mean the average Joe Schmoe on the street has seen it. Conversely, just because an artist is “unknown” to me doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is truly “unknown”. It could be my head’s been so far up my ass I haven’t discovered this artist who’s been around for a BILLION years. And has pieces so famous they’re in the Smithsonian. It could be I’m the lone asshole on the planet that hasn’t discovered their talent until today.


So this is where you come in. I’ve made this plea before and I’ll make it again: If you or anyone you know is an artist who should be featured in my weekday blog, shoot me an email and let me know. Turn me on to such and such artist. Make my nipples moist when I look at the pictures in the links you send me. Make me cry tears of “THANK YOU JESUS!!!” joy when I open an attachment and find the one picture that makes me want to do a “Very Special” Tarot the Day! blog. Shoot me an e-mail and I PROMISE to at the VERY least take a look and let you know whether or not I can use his/her/your artwork at this time.


Note I said “at this time”. I have been known to, in my search for the right piece for the card I’m presenting, pass over a particular piece a million times over. But because my head is sometimes mistaken for hardened concrete, it takes that million and ONE time for me to say, “Wait a minute… What is THIS?” That’s the time I FINALLY use the artwork I see. So just because you send me a piece of art and say, “Hey, you can use this as long as you link back to me and tell people to BUY MY SHIT!!!” and I tell you I can’t use your work at this time doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t come a day when I’m going through old e-mails and come across your piece again and the concrete cracks. So send me an email with yours or someone you knows artwork and say, “HEY! CHECK MY FLOW, BITCH!” And I promise to do so accordingly.


With that said, unfortunately I was unable to find a piece for today that had all three of the following: 1) truly moved me 2) was by an “unknown” artist, and 3) hadn’t been published before. And that’s okay. That’s bound to happen from time to time. I was still able to find a piece that moves me. That excites me. That thrills my soul. And that’s the most important factor in my decision making. Yes, today's card is by a well-known artist and yes it comes from a pretty well known deck. But regardless, it’s great and I’m using it for today’s card.


Today’s artist is Antonella Platano. She’s a well known artist in the comic book world. But as far as finding out personal information about her, I came up with blessed few details. I know she was born on February 12, 1973 (Happy Birthday!) in Provence of Cuneo, Italy. In addition to her comic book penciling work, she’s also done a lot of Tarot decks including The Goddess Tarot, The Tarot of the 78 Doors, and The Gay Tarot. Outside of that, I know nada about Miss Antonella. So if you do, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and fill me in on the awesomeness of Antonella Platano. Let’s (FINALLY) get into today’s card, which is the Six of Wands. Here it is:



What I LOVE about this picture is it fully encapsulates what the Six of Wands is all about AND it’s multi-cultural. Very often (all TOO often, IMHO) when we look at Tarot Cards we don’t necessarily see ourselves looking back at us. And in this post-modern world I realize that race, gender, sexuality and religion really shouldn’t matter. But I gotta tell ya family, it’s nice to see brown skinned people looking back at you every now and again. It’s nice to see a gay couple looking back at you every now and again. It’s nice to see WOMEN staring back at you every now and again.  It's just a refreshing change to see different types of people from different walks of life presented in Tarot decks in a respectful and loving way. 


So as per our usual, we’ll rip this picture apart, look at its innards, squish it back together and see what it could mean for us today.


The first thing that is clear in this picture is a celebration is going on. There’s confetti everywhere. Everyone is smiling. Two Latina women are front and center. One seems to be crowning the other with a multi-colored wreath of flowers. There is a vibrancy and a life to this picture. The colors seem to jump off the page. The woman about to be crowned is holding six flowering staffs against her legs. They have bright green vines that are slowly snaking up the staff. She’s wearing a light blue flower dress with a brown vest. To her right is a boy with his hands in the air in celebration. To her right is a woman wearing a read dress with a yellow apron and purple vest placing the crown of flowers on our heroine’s head. Everyone in the picture is standing and celebrating as rainbow confetti falls carelessly from the sky. There are even two other people who are barely in the “frame” of the picture that are celebrating. One man and one woman. This denotes the party is bigger than one card can hold. And it’s all celebrating the accomplishments of this one woman.


So what does this card mean for us today?


Well historically the Six of Wands is the celebration card. It’s the Victory card. It’s the Success card. It’s the card of hopping on a mule and being welcomed into Jerusalem. It’s the “YAY YOU!” card. It’s full of “HIP HIP HOORAY!” and “FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!” It’s the “TURN IT UP!” card. It’s the card that states you’ve finally overcome all obstacles that are in your way and now it’s time to celebrate. But don’t just celebrate by yourself! Grab your family and friends! Grab your neighbors! Grab the stranger on the street and tell them there’s a party going on. And it’s in YOUR HONOR!


We had a rough day yesterday, didn’t we? It seemed as if there was no hope in sight. It looked as if we were going to not only be stuck in the muck forever, but that we were going to be drug further and further down. But just when we felt all hope was lost, we made the conscious choice to stop beating a dead horse. We made the very conscious decision to stop returning over and over and over again to the scene of the crime. We stopped breaking the glass of our own prisons only to return and have it rebuilt around us. And when we realized we could break the cycle, with the last bit of strength we had left we reached out for help. And lo and behold, there were people there waiting for us to reach out so they could reach back in loving kindness.


And now today we can celebrate! We’ve come through the “dark night of the soul” stronger. Wiser. Steadier. More grounded than we ever have been before. We can show the people that had long since given up on us that we’re still here. We can prove to our families their prayers weren’t in vain. We can show the world we’re a different person today than we were yesterday.


Along those same lines, let me just say that even though today is a day of celebration for us, we may have to make some serious amends. We may have let some people down. We may have hurt people. We may have betrayed the ones that loved us the most. If that is true for us, while it is good to celebrate today, let’s not forget that we must begin making amends tomorrow.


The other thing the Six of Wands denotes is a time when everything seems to be going our way. Where it’s smooth sailing. Where we’ve got people on our side that want the best for us and from us. It’s very important during these times of smooth sailing to not only enjoy and celebrate the times when things are easy, but also a time where we can figure out how to make things even BETTER. As we’ve learned, everything in life is cyclical. There will be good and bad times. We will have good and bad days. The best way to make the bad days better is to prepare for them. No, we can’t prepare for everything. There will be unforeseen circumstances that get in our way. But when times are good - REALLY good - we should take that extra time we have to try and make our lives (and the people’s lives around us) as best as we possibly can. The absolute WORST time to fix a problem is when it’s already upon us and we’re doing well just to keep afloat. So let’s take this time of celebration and make it better.


Finally, along with the success the Six of Wands is giving us, it’s also giving us an opportunity for growth. An opportunity to expand. An opportunity to blossom like a flower and shine as brightly as we can. So how can we grow today? Can we grow mentally? Spiritually? How about emotionally? Or physically? Now’s the time, if nothing else, to definitely grow socially. However we decide to grow, we should really take some time and figure out how that growth will manifest itself in our lives. Will we pick up a new hobby? Join a gym? Read a book a month? Take 20 minutes a day and meditate? Reach out to friends and family we haven’t spoken to in years and rebuild those relationships? Make our current relationships stronger? Devote more time to family? However we decide we should grow, now is the time to make that happen. Remember growth isn’t always easy. There will be hard times to go through and see through to the end. But in the end, growth is a blessing we simply can’t afford to pass up.


Until next time family, be blessed.


Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

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