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The Traveling Tarot

Tarot the Day!

Tarot The Day!

Tarot the Day! for Friday, February 28th, 2014

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 7:20 PM

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Friday, February 28th, 2014. LOTS to celebrate today, including, well, IT’S FRIDAY!!!  Even if that’s the ONLY THING worth celebrating today, LET’S CELEBRATE IT!!!

Today’s artist is in fact, a Tarotist himself. (Side note: Say “Tarotist” without sounding like you’re activating a sleeper cell. IT CAN’T BE DONE!!!)  His name is James Ricklef.  I absolutely LOVE the quote on his very first page that says, “The Tarot can empower you to create the future you want and transform your life by providing you with insights about yourself and the world around you.” It seems that great minds really do think alike because I pretty much say the same thing on my “About Us” page. You can find a lot more information on James on his website, but one particular page I want to bring your attention to is his “Tarot Ethics” page. This is how I know he’s the real deal, ladies and gentlemen. He lays his code of ethics right there on the line in black and white for ALL to see. All it takes is a click of a mouse and a few minutes of your time to read to know EXACTLY where he stands on reading the Tarot. Sort of like the “Rights and Responsibilities” page they give you when you go to see the doctor. This tells me that James is on the up-and-up. And that is SO IMPORTANT when going to ANY sort of psychic for help. All to often the business James and I are in gets a bad rap from people who are only there to make a quick buck off someone else’s vulnerability. Because we have so many of these “snake oil salespeople” in our industry, sometimes the good people that are trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives get thrown in with the bad.  That's why it’s so very important when you go to a psychic to use common sense and trust your gut. Your instincts, as we learned at the end of yesterday’s blog never lead you astray.

Now I can already hear some of you shady bitches say, “But Stephen, where’s YOUR code of ethics?”  Good question.  My code of ethics is something I give people when they book a private session with me, either in person, over the phone or online. I call it my “Ethical Spiel. Everybody gets it at the beginning of their session with me. But you have to book a private session with me in order to hear it. Can we get back to James now?

In his own words, our new friend James is: “…a Tarot reader, lecturer, and writer. I’ve been a frequent workshop presenter at the annual Los Angeles Tarot Symposium as well as a guest presenter at the New York Tarot Reader’s Studio and the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium. I have written several Tarot books, including the award-winning Tarot Tells the Tale (re -released as Tarot Reading Explained) and the follow-up book, Tarot — Get the Whole Story. I have also created a Tarot deck: Tarot of the Masters deck.” It’s from that deck we’ll be getting today’s card. So I encourage you to GO to his website, check out his stuff and BUY HIS SHIT!!!

Let’s get into today’s card which is the Nine of Cups. As per our usual we’ll take a chainsaw to it, look at the innards, take a rusty needle and frayed thread and sew it back up, and then look at the final product and see how we can apply its lessons to our lives today. Here’s James’ interpretation of the Nine of Cups:

If you were paying attention to the “IT’S FRIDAY!!!” link above you’ll see an obvious trend in today‘s topic: NEKKIDNESS!!! YYYAAASSS!!!!  Of course it’s more to it than just that. (Although that part is AWESOME!) It’s about the deeper meaning behind the celebration. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s talk about all the naked shenanigans going on in this picture. We’ve got our hero of the Nine of Cups, BUTT ASSED NAKED in the middle of the picture. He’s sitting on a log with a cloth underneath him to protect his ass from splinters. He has the traditional fig leaf covering his fig and berries. His left foot seems to be rubbing the belly of the family dog. To his immediate left, we have another BUTT ASSED NAKED gentleman, polishing off what’s left of what we can only assume is mead in the jar. He’s unhinged his jaws and tilted his head back and he’s CHUGGED FOR HIS LIFE!  (Random observation: Have you ever noticed how nakedness and regret ALWAYS seem to happen the morning after blackout college frat parties? Something to contemplate as we continue on…) To the immediate right of our Nine of Cups hero, we have the ONLY person with the sense to keep some damned clothes on. Of course it’s a woman. But before we give her a pass, we should note she’s aiding and abetting in the debauchery by pouring another round for our “too drunk to care” hero. I say that because there’s yet ANOTHER naked person in the bunch. And he’s lapping up the mead that’s spilling out of our hero’s chalice. Now some of you might say he’s a “little person”. I don’t think so. I actually think that’s a kid. And that’s not funny. (Okay, that meme is funny. But little kids drinking? NOT FUNNY.  In fact, that baby drinking is part of the deeper meaning we’ll be delving in a little bit later. Above it all we have nine chalices. So what does all of this mean for our lives today? Well let’s take a look.

Traditionally, the Nine of Cups means everything’s coming together in a good and positive way. We’re getting everything we want. There’s an embarrassment of riches. Blessings are coming down in such a way in fact, we don’t know what to do with it all. So we’re all up in da cluub getting turnt up, poppin’ bottles, and celebrating life to the fullest while we dip it down low. What a FANTASTIC place to be in, right?

Right. And far be it from me to kill ANYBODY’S high.  If the Universe is showering down gifts on us, there’s no better way to thank the Universe for the blessings its given to us than to celebrate. So if that’s our situation today, let’s do some SHOTS!

But while we’re doing shots let’s talk about the responsibilities of the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups, although a wonderful and life affirming card also reminds us to take care to not OVER indulge. Are there areas of our lives where we’re engorging ourselves? Are there areas of our lives where even though we have had our fill we keep begging for more and more and more? Are there areas of our lives where we could push away from the table of blessings and allow the blessings we have to digest a little bit? If so, the Nine of Cups may be telling us to slow down a little bit and back away from the blessings table.

Also while we’re licking the blessing table clean, we might take a moment to see if we’re being as responsible as we could be in the moment. Remember the little boy that was drinking the spillage from our hero’s cup? Yeah. Him.  If we take a look at all the adults in the picture, not a one of them is paying any attention to the mischief this little boy is getting into. The first knee-jerk reaction to that is wondering if we’re neglecting our parental responsibilities. Are our children paying the price for our partying lifestyle? Are we not giving our children the love, nurture and care they need? If so, maybe it’s time we took a real good long look at our priorities.

Speaking of priorities, I think the little kid getting drunk is more a message of “Take care of ALL your responsibilities.” rather than “You’re a bad parent.” Like I said in the above paragraph, not one of the adults in the picture is paying any kind of attention to the kid. Are there areas in our lives we need to focus on? Are there parts of our lives we’re neglecting because it’s easier to “numb” ourselves with food, drink and merriment? Are there problems we’re putting firmly in the “denial” column because they’re just too hard to deal with? If so, maybe it’s time for us to reprioritize.

And I get it. Life is far too short and can be most difficult. Responsibilities of families, friends, outside commitments, bills piling up with us not knowing how we’re going to keep our heads above water for another minute, let alone another month. So I get what’s going on with some of us today. We just need a moment to pretend. We need a moment to pretend we don’t have a partner. We don’t have kids. We don’t have a mortgage. We don’t have a car payment. We don’t have an extended family. We don’t have a boss breathing down our necks at work. We don’t have mountains of bills piling up by the day that scream “PAST DUE” or “FINAL NOTICE!” If that is what we’ve been experiencing this week, I get it.

But instead of pretending those problems don’t exist for us, let’s instead remember we’re uniquely qualified to handle whatever situation is coming our way. I know that may seem trite, and it may be hard to see how we’re “uniquely qualified: to handle the situation we’re in ESPECIALLY when that situation repeats itself over and over again in our lives, but it happens to be true. Think about it. Who else but us can handle what we’re going through? Who else has the strength, the dexterity, the presence of mind to do what we do? No one.

Let’s end this week on a high note, shall we? Let’s say we’ve worked our behinds off. Let’s say we’ve been through the mill and back and have the scars to prove it. Let’s say we’ve worked our fingers to the bone for the blessings we’ve begun to reap. If that’s the case for us, then let’s take some time tonight and this week-end to celebrate. To be happy. To lead a happy life is what the Universe wants from us. So let’s acquiesce and make this week-end the BEST week-end EVER!

For more information on the above offer, click HERE.

Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

[email protected]

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