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The Traveling Tarot

Tarot the Day!

Tarot The Day!

Tarot the Day! for Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 5:40 PM

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” for Tuesday, February 25th, 2014. And look! The sun’s still up! (Unless you’re one of my international readers. For you the sun has probably been down for hours. *sigh* Sorry…) An interesting card for our Tuesday jaunt, so let’s get into it.

I don’t have a lot of information about today’s artist. I just happened across his deviantART web page and LOVED his interpretation of today’s card. In fact, all the information I have on him comes from the front page of his deviantART site.  His name is Thanh and he currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He’s a professional artist there that works mainly with digital art. And that, dear friends, is all the information I have on him. He has a GORGEOUS gallery on deviantART. And he does have a couple pieces for sale.  But that’s all I know about him. If YOU know our new friend Thanh, SOUND OFF! below. Let me know about this wonderful artist and I will do my best to update any correct information I find about him. But like I said he does have prints that are for sale. So GO to his website, check out his gallery, and BUY HIS SHIT!!!

Let’s get into today’s card which I don’t think has shown up for us before in this blog. I choose the cards at random (there’s no such thing as random in Tarot) - even I don’t know what the cards for the day are until I turn them over - so whatever card comes up is the card I use. And I’m interested to see what today’s card, which happens to be The Hierophant, has to say. Let’s take a look at Thanh’s interpretation of The Hierophant:

Isn’t this FILLED with awesome sauce? It’s not what you expected from The Hierophant card, is it? Me either. And that’s exactly what I love about it. It’s not necessarily a surreal image, it falls firmly in the sci-fi category, but it’s the type of card that can get us out of perhaps our preconceived notions of what The Hierophant card should look like and puts us in the mind frame of what is. And in that moment of “is”, perhaps we can discover deeper meaning inside the card. Let’s do it. As per our usual, we’ll shred the pic to pieces, and then using nothing but glue and a paper clip we’ll put it back together. Then we’ll take a step away from it, look it over, and see how we can apply it to our lives.

Since there’s SO MUCH to look at in this picture, I think we’ll start from the background and work our way to the foreground. In the background we have a window that looks out into a city. It’s nighttime so the twinkling lights from the skyscrapers illuminate the night sky with little points of light. On the other side of the window, we have what appears to be an apartment or room of some sort. There’s no furniture in the room, save for one lone chair that sits upon a tiny landing. Seated in that chair we find our Hierophant. He looks to be a business man of some sort. He’s dressed in a suit with a tie. The tie has a star tie clip holding it in place. His right arm is raised at a 45 degree angle and his right hand is held in the classic “benediction” pose. His left hand is resting comfortably in his lap. Now let’s talk about his headpiece. In the traditional Rider-Waite, it’s a set of three crowns atop the Hierophant’s head. But in this picture, doesn’t it kinda look like a city? If that’s what Thanh was going for, I just squee’d a little bit. Because from out of that tiny city, are wires. Lots and LOTS of wires. Small wires and big wires; heavy cables, attached to batteries and even MORE cables and wires. There are so many wires of all shapes and sizes, in fact they’re cascading down both sides of our Hierophant, onto the floor of the landing he sits upon, down off that landing, and onto the floor of the room where they disappear off the edges of the picture itself. Our Hierophant seems to be glowing. His aura is transmitting a soft green neon glow. Just above his head is what looks to be a hologram of a globe of the world with a roman numeral V floating just above it. Tell me family, is it just me or did we all just get shades of “The Matrix”?  (Random side note: I thoroughly enjoyed and found deep meaning in all three Matrix movies. There, I said it.) So we have a lot going on in this picture. A lot to talk about so let’s get to it.

When the Hierophant comes up in a reading it means “sticking with the classics”. Meaning, traditional values, traditional mores, traditional methodologies, traditional religions, et al. The Hierophant isn’t one to think outside the box. He colors inside the lines. He follows the rules. The rules are dyed in wool, carved in stone, and cannot - nay, WILL not - be changed.

Because the Hierophant came up for us today, it got me to thinking about “the rules”. What rules do we have in our lives? Are those rules immovable? Are they not allowed to grow and progress and manifest in ways that may be outside the “norm”? If they are, are we okay with those rules being “hard and fast”? Are we good with some things never changing? Or are we looking for something a little deeper?

The Hierophant is the outward expression of the High Priestess.  As we’ve learned before, the High Priestess is all about the inner workings of spirituality and philosophy. Those things that aren’t readily seen on the surface. Those things we have to “dig a little deeper” to find. She is all about working on the insides. On the other hand, the Hierophant is the outward manifestation of that inner working. He creates the rules that form our religions. Not only that, but because he creates the rules people come to him for all sorts of advice on spiritual matters. He’s the High Priest. The Reverend. The Pastor. The Pope. People look to him for answers that, by and large, fall in line with whatever religion our Hierophant represents.

With that in mind, let’s go back to “The Matrix” movies. In “The Matrix” movies, the machines have taken over the world’s population. They use humans’ body heat and electricity to sustain an energy source to keep the machines alive. Humans are bred, grown, live and die in these pod-like structures that create a vast network of pod cities the machines get their energy from. Once the humans die, they’re recycled for more energy and another human baby takes their place in the pod they’ve vacated.

But that’s only part of the Matrix’s storyline. The part of the storyline we’re most concerned with today is the illusionary world the machines have created for the humans. They machines create a world where everything a human experiences are all part of a vast computer program designed to subdue them. So from the humans’ point of view, they’re living a life that is programmed for them (with that pesky glitch called “free will” the machines couldn’t completely get rid of). In reality, they’re bred, born, live and die in these tiny womb-like pods the machines have created. So the machines have created a world that’s all an illusion.

Which leads us back to the Hierophant. He is the outward manifestation of “The Rules” the machine has created. He’s the enforcer. He’s the police. He’s the guy in the black suit that refers to Neo as “Mr. Anderson“. The Hierophant is for our purposes today, Mr. Smith.

And let me state for the record, there’s nothing wrong with following the rules. There’s nothing wrong with coloring inside the lines. There’s nothing inherently wrong with following the design that’s been laid out in front of us. There’s nothing wrong with taking the blue pill if that’s what we choose to do. If our reality suits us, then fine.  It suits us. But if we’re looking for something more, perhaps we should give ourselves pause before we choose which pill to swallow.

And let me ALSO state for the record, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being Mr. Smith. Okay, Mr. Smith went off the deep end by the end of the trilogy but my point still stands. For the first two movies Mr. Smith was just an enforcer. He was there to make sure the rules were followed and if they weren’t, to remedy the problem. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

But here’s the thing…

There’s something more than what we’ve been told. There’s something outside of our five senses. There’s something deeper than our awareness. There’s something far more expansive than our perceptions of reality.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not advising us all to swallow the red pill.  In fact, rules are sometimes important in keeping everything running smoothly. And rules can be a source of comfort. In a world that is constantly changing, rules can be that immovable object, that “set in stone” series of steps that makes our lives easier.

So when the Hierophant comes up in a reading, because he’s the Mr. Smith of the Tarot, my first question I ask to the person sitting across from me is, “Are you happy with the way things are now? Are you happy with the rules you’ve set up for yourself right now? If the answer to the question you have today is easily attained by following step-by-step rules, is that something that speaks to you positively? And if you aren’t happy with the way things are now, does it give you comfort that there’s a way out of your current circumstance if you follow the rules?”

When the Hierophant appears it can mean we are either finding answers in a series of set rules, or we’re following the rules in hopes the answer will appear. That is not a bad thing. Again, eating the blue pill ( doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing anything wrong. It just means we like the comfort of rules. And we hope the answers to life’s bigger questions can be found in the rules.

The other side of the Hierophant card is we may have gone too far down the rabbit hole. We may have swallowed the red pill a little too quickly without thinking things through. Shit may have gotten a little bit too real and now we need to come back to the comfort and relative safety of a set series of rules. I seem to be saying this a lot, but there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that. In fact, in certain circumstances it may be absolutely necessary. Unlike “The Matrix” movies, there is a way to go back even if we have swallowed the red pill. The Hierophant is encouraging us that if that is our situation, we should perhaps look into making our way back up the rabbit hole as best we can.

The Hierophant is there to remind us all - regardless of which pill we swallowed - that there are rules we have to follow. Even in the Matrix, there are rules those who ate the red pill had to follow. To be sure the rules were bendable, but they certainly couldn’t be broken. If we’re trying to get away with breaking the rules (see yesterday’s blog) then we must be certain sooner or later those transgressions will be discovered and brought to light. To be sure, while the Hierophant is a rules stickler, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want us to live the best life possible. It just means he wants us to follow simple, oh let’s just call them “guidelines”, for a happier life. So while we’re out there kicking ass and taking names, let’s remember we should always do our best to live a life that’s above board instead of creeping around in the shadows trying to get away with breaking the “guidelines”.

For more information on the above offer, click HERE.

Until next time family, be blessed. (And I’ll see you at the other end of the rabbit hole!)

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

[email protected]

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