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The Traveling Tarot

Monday Morning Meditation

Monday Morning Meditation Podcast

NEW EPISODES Every Monday Morning at 1:00am CST.

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Monday Morning Meditation Ep. 41: DreamCatcher or What Dreams Are Made Of

Good Morning Meditators! In today’s episode we briefly recap the year that was. We say goodbye to all the notable people who passed away. We talk about how Mariah Carey POSSIBLY killed her career onstage this New Year’s Eve. We talk about how in the stone age I was a musician. And if I were to ever have my career end it would be in a similar fashion to what Mimi did. And then we end it all on a positive hopeful note, sending out love and light to Mariah Carey.

Then we talk about 2017 and all the new things happening with Monday Morning Meditation, The Traveling Tarot and Sanctuary Studios as a whole. There’s a BUNCH of new stuff happening, so please stay tuned to M3 for all the details.

Because of the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday next week, Monday Morning Meditation will be silent. And that will be the last time M3 will be silent for federal holiday purposes until Memorial Day at the end of May.

Then we talk about New Year’s resolutions and how outside of one particular time in my life I’ve never been able to stick to a resolution. Then we talk about dreams and goals and how all if it folds into each other. How our dreams become visions which in turn become goals which in turn become accomplishments. But it all starts with a dream. And then we get into the meditation itself.

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